Before I present evidence on this important topic I want to publicly state the following … I am not anti-government, I am anti corrupt government … As I’ve stated previously, in 2010 I became the victim of an unconstitutional investigation after I exposed criminals in my neighborhood … I was followed around town by police and citizen informants … I do not blame these members of my community because I now know that they were acting on orders from above, but I do not take this lightly … this is happening to thousands of innocent citizens and I want to know why … I want compensation for this abuse and any retaliation for this sharing of truth will be documented and reported to those looking into these matters …

Yesterday, I found this video which states the following “An informant can earn $100,000 or more for every terrorism case that they bring to the FBI” … bingo … I’ve also been told that it takes just two citizen informants filing such claims to initiate an investigation ( which includes Cointelpro type retaliation ) … I will try to verify this …

This reporting of so called terrorists involves Fusion Centers so let’s look at them and let’s also look at the description of “terrorists” according to our government …

This first report is from Tom Hayden at the Peace and Justice Resource Center … it’s entitled “FBI Expands Terrorism Definition to Non-violent Civil Disobedience” … I have read before that “animal activists” are at the top of the “watch list” … well OK then, I guess that I’m guilty of that for trying to save the strays hanging on for dear life in the wilds of Sonoma County … my neighbor, a huge animal activist, has also been targeted … go figure ……l-disobed.html

This second report is from Fox News … here’s a bit of the report …

“We were so astounded by it we couldn’t believe it was real,” Starrett told “It’s painting such a large number of people with a broad brush in a dangerous light.”
Michael German, national security policy counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the report “crosses the line” and shows a disregard for civil liberties.
“It seems to implicate people who are engaging in First Amendment protected activities and suggest that something as innocuous as supporting a political candidate for office would mean that you’re harboring some ill-intent,” German told “It’s completely inappropriate.”

So what about these fusion centers that we’re spending billions on? … here’s a report from about them producing “a load of crap”… a quote from the article …

“As civil libertarian groups have long warned those that do are hives of incompetence, bureaucracy, mission creep and possible civil-liberties abuses. Despite instituting privacy protections in 2009, the Senate report discloses, “DHS continued to store troubling intelligence reports from fusion centers on U.S. persons, possibly in violation of the Privacy Act.”

So why are we spending loads of money to support anti-terrorism activities which do not work? … and why are innocent citizens enduring unprecedented attacks without any due process? … as usual, follow the money …

from the article entitled “5 Companies that Make Money by Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks”

“Post-9/11 America has witnessed a boom in private firms dedicated to the hyped-up threat of terrorism. The drive to privatize America’s national security apparatus accelerated in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, and it’s gotten to the point where 70 percent of the national intelligence budget is now spent on private contractors, as author Tim Shorrock reported. The private intelligence contractors have profited to the tune of at least $6 billion a year. In 2010, the Washington Post revealed that there are 1,931 private firms across the country dedicated to fighting terrorism.”

and this from the Guardian …

“James Woolsey, former CIA boss and influential adviser to President George Bush, is a director of a US firm aiming to make millions of dollars from the ‘war on terror’, The Observer can reveal.

Woolsey, one of the most high-profile hawks in the war against Iraq and a key member of the Pentagon’s Defence Policy Board, is a director of the Washington-based private equity firm Paladin Capital. The company was set up three months after the terrorist attacks on New York and sees the events and aftermath of September 11 as a business opportunity which ‘offer[s] substantial promise for homeland security investment’.”…P=share_btn_fb

Knowing what this BS has cost myself and others makes me want to vomit …

If you doubt that American citizens are being subjected to brutal unconstitutional practices then you should watch this … you can check the facts on the Guardian ……&feature=shareYouTube

Constitutional lawyer John Whitehead hits the nail on the head, once again, in this excellent commentary … with violent crime statistics actually decreasing in this country, one has to wonder about all of this, and if you’re not wondering about all of this then you’re asleep at the wheel and I pray for your children who are looking at a very restrictive future … our great country has been a model for personal freedoms, including the freedom of expression … it was a country of hard working individuals who felt protected in their lives by a strong constitution … I and others are watching that slip away ……war_on_domesti


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