Can you imagine waking up one day to find that your life has been stolen? … You are suddenly thrown into a terrifying world of stalkers, informants, body implants, sabotage, slander, harassment, pain and illness … welcome to the world of non consensual experimentation ….

A while ago, I posted the story of Richard Cain … this morning I woke up to an update concerning this case … this is real folks … this is story about an innocent man who has experienced non consensual experimentation in California … this experimentation also involved his two little boys …

“According to court documents, Richard Cain and his two kids allegedly had been implanted at St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in 2008 in a non-consensual human health-related research program.”…ntified/113708

This is his story … I think that it’s important to listen to it … I can relate to a lot of it …

and here’s his lawsuit documentation ….…%20ET%20AL.pdf

Another woman who is extremely concerned about reports of non-consensual experimentation being carried out on innocent citizens … in a previous post she declared that she became a victim of this “experimentation” after exposing it publicly … please click on all of the links to get the full story …

Btw, it is NOT legal to “Classify” something that is illegal such as non-consensual experimentation ….


James Walbert is another “targeted individual” who claimed to be illegally chipped and tortured … he took his case to court and WON ….. here is his testimony to Lawless America …

and here is one of the reports about his case ……-james-walbert

This is another excellent interview with James Walbert … ignore the title, its misleading … the other people speaking in this interview are Jesse Beltran, an ex-fireman in Sacramento who runs an organization there called ICAACT, the International Center Against the Abuse of Covert Technology, Lars Drudgaard, the European director of ICAACT, and Barrie Trower, an ex microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy in England … a credible bunch of people ……barrie-trower/

When I had dinner with Ben Colodzin, a concerned Marin County psychologist, he mentioned two scientific capabilities which piqued my interest … regarding non consensual electronic weapon experimentation on innocent civilians, he talked about tests to determine not only implants in the body but also tests to determine nanotech in the body … I’m not a scientist so I didn’t realize the implications of this testing … he also mentioned SCADA … again, I drew a blank ….

Here’s a letter explaining this from Dr. Colodzin …


If you have been following this story then you’ve probably noticed that in the cases of Richard Cain and James Walbert ( who were implanted without their knowledge ) expert court testimony and documentation was provided by Melinda Kidder of Columbia Investigations, a private investigation company, and Dr. Hildegard Staninger…. they are the two brave women who are providing this testing … here is a description of radio frequency scanning ( to locate frequency emitting implants in the body ) provided by Columbia Investigations …

What I didn’t realize is that these scans are so sensitive that they can determine the exact frequencies hitting the body of a targeted individual and then these frequencies can be traced to their source! … folks, we’re getting near to proving this disgusting and painful non consensual experimentation … have a look …–2f.pdf

The stories reported from non consensual lab rats around the world are identical. First they are put on terrorist watch lists or criminal watch lists … then they are attacked in ridiculous ways which are very difficult to believe … when they report these attacks they are discredited by law enforcement and psychologists as delusional … this allows the perpetrators of these crimes to then do whatever they want to these people, as no one will believe them or come to their aid…. it’s the most barbaric practice imaginable … and who does it benefit?

It benefits the psychologists, the private military contractors, research facilities and ultimately arms dealers … they are literally stealing these innocent lives for their own financial gain …

When we realize that we’ve become an oligarchy do we then realize the full implications of that reality? … do we realize that not only is our government compromised by big money but also our military? …


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