This is a contract offering for Directed Energy BioEffects Research to be done on humans … it speaks for itself … bodies and lives are being used by the Military Industrial Complex for profit while these innocent victims are prevented from earning income and sabotaged in every way possible … in this proposal they talk about the “prediction of health degradation” while they also talk about the protection of the human subject …

This is about assault with a deadly weapon … this is about hitting innocent citizens with sophisticated military weaponry … this information is readily available on-line …

I would like to talk to these contractors who are making money from human misery …


“TITLE: Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR)


1. Background, Scope, Goals,Objectives, and Needs.

a. Background.

The Directed Energy Bioeffects Research(DEBR) contract supports the US Air Force, one of the largest developers and users of radio frequency (RF) and high power microwave (HPM) emitting devices in the world, which has been at the forefront of research on the biological effects of RF/HPM radiation for more than 30 years. The use of Directed Energy (DE) extends to military and commercial applications. While the targeted customers for this effort are primarily concerned with the use and application of RF/HPM radiation technologies, the joint services and others like the Department of Homeland Security along with commercial customers will likely benefit from the research conducted and discoveries made under this program

This effort includes conducting research to identify the benefits, risks, and capabilities for a wide range of military RF/HPM radiation systems. This includes prediction and mitigation of the bio-effects of DE on personnel and mission performance and exploitation of the bio-effects of DE for DEW applications.
Conduct proteomic, genomic, and metabolomic studies that identify critical biochemical or molecular changes following exposure to DE prior to or during mission operations that assists in the prediction of health degradation.

Human Use.
The contractor will use human subjects in research studies under this effort. ”…c-IDIQ-SOO.pdf…-2013-0002.pdf


Now let’s look at some of the activists who are fighting this atrocity …

David Voigts is a former Naval officer and a graduate of the US Naval Academy. While working on electronic warfare for the Navy he became aware of directed energy weapons testing that was being done on innocent civilians. He is walking across America to publicize this injustice. He is a true American hero.

This story has now been published in ten publications including Bloomberg News …

If you would like to support this effort you can do so here:


Karen Stewart is a NSA whistle blower who is now harassed with electronics. You can read her story here …

She is now gathering the names of victims for a letter campaign to all officials in the country … many victims have already signed on …

NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States

This activism is not going to stop until these assaults on innocent civilians end .







3 thoughts on “Invisible Directed Energy Weapons Being Used on Civilians Around the World

  1. Karen Stewart, hi, my name is Tammy Vanhorn, I’m a targeted individual that was heavily gang stalked, microchipped without my consent, then assaulted with directed energy weapons. My hair skin and nails, ruined from this satellite technology, this covert government harassment program, has ruined my relationship with family, and my every day life. Please end this insanity.these weapons used on us citizens needs to be outlawed. I would like to tell my story how I became a targeted individual. Thank you Tammy Vanhorn.


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