Cointelpro on Steroids

We have a covert program running in the world which has been called Cointelpro on Steroids. That it is. It is being used on Activists, Whistleblowers, Dissidents, and innocent citizens who have personalities, philosophies or assets which are threatening to the powers that shouldn’t be. It is best described by this brave doctor. Please watch this for your own protection.

Fortunately, we have many high level professionals stepping up to expose this atrocity. You’ll find some of them here …


3 thoughts on “Cointelpro on Steroids

  1. I have beensaying the same thing for years. The problem is there is not many places to press charges since it is a difficult crime to prove.


  2. Govt whistleblowers can help DRAIN THE SWAMP! Many are being abused by our govt. Their lives destroyed while sick perverts in our govt play mind games. Sickening


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