The Abuse of Neuroscience

It is no secret that the world is witnessing the rapid development of inventions which read and manipulate brain waves. There are now products available commercially which are based on this technology. These products put you to sleep and calm you down or tell you how you are doing and many are based on frequencies which affect your brain waves.

The  military has also been working on this technology. Unfortunately, their goals have been questioned.

Let’s get this straight. Accessing a person’s brainwaves can give the military tremendous control over a person. According to scientific publications they are looking into reading minds and behavior modification. They’re also looking into hacking the nervous system. Imagine what power that would give them.

There are now thousands around the world who are complaining of such manipulation. They complain of forced sleep, forced emotions, unusual thoughts, strange symptoms having to do with their nervous system, and the list goes on. Are you seeing the implications yet? Are you realizing the dangers to humanity yet?

Here are a few links to illustrate my point:


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