The Game


I suspect that “The Game” is the same old game that’s been played out over and over again on our weary planet, that quest for world supremacy and domination. Yes, here it is again …  that same old story of lies, brutality and treachery, might against right, good against evil, ad nauseam … yawn.

With each passing generation the game gets more sophisticated … new weaponry gets tested and deployed, new tactics are explored and discussed, new heros and villains are announced .. but really, the game remains the same … Conquest! Superiority! Control!

Why? ..

What is it in man that dictates that most of our intelligence and resources should be used to destroy each other?

I’m a great observer of the natural world and I can tell you that these principles of brutality and conquest are quite natural, some even say necessary, to cull the herd and ensure the strength of the  species …

But we’re a bit different from other species in that it is our intellect that determines supremacy, and not our brute physical strength. It is our intellect that is under attack in this latest game and that does not advance the species, it sets it back.

And how is our intellect under attack?

  1. Psychotronic weapons .. look it up while you still can.
  2. Massive distraction through chaos and prejudice. Divide and conquer. Corruption. So called natural disasters which lead to learned helplessness.
  3. Chemical exposure in our air, food, medicines and water.
  4. Massive amounts of electro magnetic exposure.
  5. Poverty.
  6. Injustice.
  7. Illness.
  8. Greed
  9. Hatred

All of these factors destroy the human spirit and compromise the intellect. It is the intellect which solves these problems. There is no advancement possible under these conditions.

A handful of psychopaths, regardless of how powerful or how wealthy they are, can not fix this problem. Indeed, they are the very people who have caused it.

The people are the only ones who can advance mankind and they do that by over riding fear and doing the right thing.

They do not follow destructive orders, they do not hate and destroy their fellow man. They do not deny help. They do not believe hearsay. They notice when their own behavior is irrational and they look for the causes…. They protect their intellect above all else. They take pride in themselves and their species, only possible if they Do The Right Thing.

They look for “the game”, and they refuse to play it.. and that my friends, just might be the only solution .

Written from the rain soaked valley of Sonoma County, California by Rosanne Marie Schneider … Intellect intact.


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