Targeted Individual Weekly News


  It has been a good week for spreading the  word about targeted individuals. Two very credible online publications have joined the fight to expose the cruel treatment experienced by the global targeted individual community.

The first publication is Newsbud, an online news service started by whistleblower super star, Sibel Edmunds. She has been joined in her quest for truth by such freedom fighters as Constitutional lawyer and founder of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead, and popular researcher and journalist, James Corbett of the Corbett Report. This is a great development and very promising for the reporting of truth in a fake world.

Last week, true to their mission, Newsbud published this report about the targeting of individuals in Poland with directed energy weapons. Thank you Newsbud! Please give them your support…

Another great online publication dedicated to the exposing and stopping of bullying also offered some help by publishing this article about gangstalking…

They also offer consultations with a lawyer if you need that! … Thank you Overcome Bullying! … Please help them if you can …

And then ex-government scientist Robert Duncan, published a CIA document from 1991 which outlines the parameters for mind control experimentation. This is a scientific publication and difficult to understand but he took the time to explain it on his Facebook page, where you will find a link to the document as well. Scroll down until you find it. At this time there are four sections.

 Thank you Robert!

This is what it will take to stop this injustice and torture, people working together to publish the truth. No one has the right to steal another person’s health, sanity, peace, financial stability, reputation, relationships, free will or life. Please share these resources to foster awareness.


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