My cell phone is being hacked so that I cannot connect to the Internet at home. I know this because when I update the connection profile, it works… But it doesn’t last because the hackers change it back to the malfunctioning settings.

Who’s doing this? I’ll call them Rothschild’s agents … Why are they doing it? … I suspect Agenda 21.

Why do I suspect this? Well let’s look at what’s happened in my life…

I had a roommate in my home who suddenly demanded that I stop cooking meat and objected to the furnace being used ..

I’ve had tenants who stripped my home of landscaping and complained bitterly that the trees were dangerous … they were not. They were taken down against my wishes .  Did you know that military frequencies have trouble going through foliage? That’s why 5g requires so many antennas …

These same tenants complained of rat infestation, which required me to allow pest eradicators in my home, … attic and under the house for weeks and weeks … I have had health problems ever since …

These same tenants wanted all of the appliances changed to “smart appliances” after a huge and unexplained utility bill. Did I mention that our utility company has connections to the Rothschild’s?

Let’s see, I’ve had two cars destroyed… Agenda 21 wants us out of our gasoline cars. And if you can’t drive their electric alternatives? … Well, you walk …

My business was destroyed making me dependent on the State .. All of my personal possessions were destroyed … Global communism???

I went to a meeting the other night and people were talking about how the fires in Northern California occurred in the same neighborhoods that were slated for Agenda 21 redevelopment … Really? … You don’t say …

Oh, and people are finding implants in their skulls and throughout their bodies … See my previous story about this …

It’s total control folks … And those who talk about it are getting sick ( Deborah Tavares ) and having their pets and relatives killed. If that doesn’t work then they attack your friends’ and families’ pets, health and property.

And it isn’t just those who are finding implants who are targeted. They’re targeting our whole country … Our politicians, our judges, our police and our citizens. There’s a great asset stripping going on with criminals destroying vehicles, homes, jobs and businesses. Look around you folks … This isn’t just bad luck … Perhaps the most insidious invasion of all has to do with making people ill and even killing them prematurely. This, I suspect, has many purposes …. Bankrupt the country through health care, disable the residents (especially the aware ones), and depopulation.

So … I’ve spoken out … Stay tuned for the retaliation report …


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