It’s another sleepy Sunday afternoon in Northern California. While most people are clipping their shrubs, watering their lawns and preparing their lunches I am sifting through tabs and tabs of information on my browser. There are so many open tabs on my browser that my browser is no longer working properly. Something must be done with this information so I’ve decided to put it all in my blog.

This is information waiting for my review so none of it’s been verified. I wanted to give the reader out there some idea of my life, and why independent journalists sometimes get overwhelmed. After going through all of this I deleted some, bookmarked some, left some on my browser from trusted sources to listen to later. There was one video that I could not post here. It was a group of Constitutional sheriffs discussing how to save our country. I guess that they’re terrorists now so never mind. I’ve got it down to 17 tabs.

In general I publish 5% of the information that I’m exposed to. Even if you choose to ignore everything here you can kind of pick up the gist of what’s happening in our world. All of these reports can’t be faulty. In my opinion, after years and years of research, we are very quickly heading into a world of technological slavery, in fact some people would say that we’re already there.

I know that money’s really tight right now but if you can donate a little something for my efforts then please do. Like most people out there trying to expose the truth I am financially sabotaged and about to lose my home and I take tremendous risks by exposing global agendas and their mindless slaves within our country. You’ll find my PayPal address on the “about ” page. Thank You!

It’s July 17th, 2022 and here are the open tabs on my browser.

Above link – Voice to Skull – What You Need to Know

Above link – We Have No Reason to Believe 5g is Safe

Above link – Raven Claw Augments Battle Management for Electronic Warfare Operations

Above link – How Big Wireless Made Us Think that Cell Phones are Safe

Above link – Transhumanism Nightmare – Graphine Nanowires Torturing the Vaxxed

Above link – Secretive Agency Uses AI Human Forecasters to Predict Future

Above link – Understanding Radiation Risks

Above link – Spy Cops

Above link – The Secret Program of US Mind Control Weapons

Above Link – The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Above link – Pentagon Laser Voices

Above link – Cathy O’Brien, America’s MK Ultra Mind Control

Above link – Civilians Being Assaulted with Directed Energy Weapons

Above Link – CIA Psychotronic Weapons

Above Link – Mind Control Through the Airwaves

Above Link – The Silent War Being Waged on Our Children

Above Link – The Dark Truth of Transhumanism

Above Link – Mind Control with Silent Sounds and Super Computers

Above Link – The Military Use of Mind Control

Above link – The HARP Project and Non Lethal Weapons


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