Once again it’s time to delete tabs from my browser to make it functional again. These are links that I have not had time to look at. I place them here for later review. There’s a value to doing this … it provides a snapshot of what’s going on, what’s being reported … one can get a general idea of what’s going on in our world … Happy browsing! … and if you can buy me a cup of coffee you’ll find a link for donations on my “about” page.


Above Link: Embalmers are Making Shocking Discoveries in the Blood of the Dead

Above Link: The CIA’s Secret Quest for Mind Control


Above Link: List of US Government Black Projects and Operations


Above Link: The Illuminati, Secret Societies that Rule the World

Above Link: The Genesis and Progression of Transhumanism


Above Link: BBC – MKUltra, the CIA’s Secret Pursuit of Mind Control


Above Link: Elderly Abuse through Psychiatry


Above Link: A Practical Approach to the Ethical Use of Memory Modulating Technologies


Above Link: Human Brain Link Sends Thoughts

Above Link: Ex-CIA Covert Intel Agent Andrew Bustamante Describes How to Disappear


Above Link: Modern Advances in Mind Control Threaten Every Human

Above Link: The Mother of All Black Operations
Above Link: NWO’s Transhumanism and Behavior Control Plans – Freedom is the Cure


Above Link: AI – EU Moves to Beat the Algorithms That Ruin Lives?


Above Link: Whistleblowers Inside the UN?

Above Link: Reclaim Free Thought and Spirit, Cathy O’Brien
Above Link: Jesse Ventura – Secret Societies
Above Link: Mass Disruption – Electromagnetic Neuroweapons


Above Link: Robert Duncan Answers Questions from Targeted Individuals


Above Link: An Invisible Assault, Or Is It?


Above Link: The Illuminati Formula for Creating a Mind Controlled Slave


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