I am beginning to fully realize that I am a victim of the worst non consensual experimentation imaginable. The experimentation has to do with transhumanism. This is a stated New World Order goal. The World Economic Forum has openly stated that they wish to hack humans and replace our natural relationship with God.

I believe that I am being used for this research.

This all began after minor surgery that I had to remove my gallbladder. I now question whether the failure of my gallbladder was engineered. There are ways to engineer almost any disease using frequencies and directed energy aimed at the body.


I had no choice but to have this organ removed as it was suddenly causing me unbearable pain. I was in my late forties at the time, a time, according to statistics, when experimentation like this begins.

The surgery took much, much longer than expected and I came out a different person. As well as the surgeon on record there was another surgeon there who had been studying me for months. He had signed up as a client of mine in a local business that I had so I knew a little about his background. He had experienced great trauma in his life and I now believe that this led to his participation.

As I healed from this surgery I noticed that things had changed. My physical body was prone to illnesses which I had never experienced before. At the time I was promoting a new business which dealt with the importation of historic art from England and Ireland. I was travelling around the state of California with my husband and exhibiting at festivals to show off my wares. Suddenly, I found that I was sleepless and that my feet were experiencing significant swelling.  At this time I noticed that I could be up all night and not experience fatigue of any kind the next day. In a sense I was a super human and able to function perfectly without sleep.

I was also experiencing angina at this time which I suspected was a result of a five year battle with Lyme disease. I now believe that the Lyme disease was induced as it’s role as a bioweapon begins to be exposed.

Because of the angina, which was seriously debilitating, and my swelling feet I went to Kaiser and submitted to every heart test that they had. They all came back within normal range but I simply could not function as before. My healthy, happy life as I knew it was over.

Also at this time, I experienced thyroid failure. What the hell was going on? Little did I know that things were about to get much worse.

At this time my mother suddenly experienced difficulties in her life and was calling me constantly in fear. She was a very competent, happy person who had been working as a systems analyst in an insurance company. She was suddenly fired from her job one day and was experiencing strange unexpected harassment wherever she went. She had very strange physical symptoms occurring and was almost killed on the road one day when a truck cut her off on the freeway. Her health was degrading quickly and eventually she ended up in the hospital unable to speak to me after suspect heart surgery. She was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome and her doctors refused to treat it. She died shortly afterwards.

After my mother died my life unraveled and none of it was natural. I had a pet die suddenly, my home caught on fire, my husband became irrationally angry and we split up. I was suddenly alone and coping as best that I could. At this time I also lost two businesses through sabotage. When I claim sabotage what I mean is they failed because of incidents outside of my control.

I did my best to hold on financially by renting rooms in my home. Every single tenant that I had seemed programmed to cause me grief. I had bipolar tenants who would scream at me, I had an exhibitionist who would do yoga naked in my yard, I had a wife beater who was in some kind of therapy, I had secret drug addicts who stole from me ( including a beloved pet ), I had a good woman who argued with me because I supported president Trump, I had a therapist who would slam all of the cupboard doors in the house repeatedly, I had an artist who ran out of the house screaming because I cooked meat, I had a foreign man who wanted to hermetically seal the doors between him and I at a time that I was smelling chemicals in my personal section of the house .

In the community that I was in I was also experiencing difficulties. I was suddenly being followed around town by police and what appeared to be operatives .. what the hell was going on? I was a good woman who worked hard and minded my own business, a long term volunteer for Home Hospice ( 17 years ), an animal rescuer, an artist, a humanitarian .. why would anyone want to hurt me?

Eventually, as this abuse got worse and my physical condition declined, I found a whole community of people on the internet who were experiencing the exact same thing. When this occurred I began to be hit with some kind of weaponry which burnt my skin and made me ill. This is now referred to as Havana Syndrome but at the time no one believed me and I was being framed as mentally ill.

After many unrelenting years of this, years in which I suffered greatly physically and emotionally, years in which my beloved pets became ill, years in which every single financial avenue that I employed was non-productive, years in which most things that I owned were destroyed or stolen, I was told that I was an MKUltra victim from age 3. At this point I put two and two together and concluded that I was being used by corrupt government agents for non consensual experimentation .. and I wasn’t the only one coming to this conclusion … there were thousands of us and we were being used for very sophisticated weapons testing … neuro-weapons to be exact … this was military technology being used on unsuspecting, non-combative citizens. The strange happenings in my life had been engineered to set the stage for this experimentation by making me look crazy so that no one would believe me.

It was at this time that I wrote my first book trying to describe and prove this program which I and others were being subjected to non consensually. As I found more and more victims of this atrocity, I realized that this was a push to control humanity and that the constant harassment was being used for trauma based mind control, and yes, psychotronics were being used to control the human mind. I knew that this was happening because I found myself looking at my phone to check the time at the same time every day, 1:11 or 11:11 or 3:33. I had even put a “333” in my email address, a further indication of mind control. I didn’t know what it meant at the time.

It is at this point in my life, after 12 years of torture and control, that I begin to unravel what is really going on. It is at this point in my life, that the destruction has mostly ended and the re-construction appears to be beginning. I now believe that my life was purposely destroyed so that it could be rebuilt by those in control. Everything that I’ve described has been done non consensually and I am now being forced to be a different person.  I am attacked and hurt if I deviate from the plan of the perpeTraitors. I am isolated and sent messages that state that I will not be allowed to have love in my life until I become what they want. The attacks most likely come from implants in my brain ( that were spotted with an MRI scan ) which control my nervous system. Sort of like the project that Elon Musk is working on. Sort of like the project that the WEF has outlined for destroying free will. I am living this. I have no free will.

The perpeTraitors of this non consensual program seek to control what I eat, my personal habits, any addictions that I might have like nicotine ( nicotine is actually protective to the brain … look it up ), my social circle, my income, my love life, my spirituality … and it goes on and on with no end in sight…

How do I know that this is transhumanism research? Because I’ve been able to feel other people’s emotions. My ex and I still communicate occasionally. We can tolerate each other for around an hour as long as I don’t express any truths or opinions which might anger him. He had a cat die one day and he called me about it. The following day I woke up and I felt his emotions, his grief over his loss of his beloved friend who slept with him. I called him right away and yes, he was suffering emotionally, in fact his emotions were just what I had felt. I have also had this happen with others.

I have been sent information about empaths because of the trauma in my childhood. When one is traumatized in youth one develops heightened sensitivity which has been described as having eyes in the back of one’s head. This is a normal reaction to danger which I acknowledge and have felt throughout my life. Yes, I can read other people quite easily. But what I experienced was much greater than this, it’s as though we were sharing one brain. Have you heard of brain to brain communication? I believe that this is what is being done. His brainwaves were being sent to my brain. Yes, this is doable. Research the experts Robert Duncan and James Giordano if you doubt this.

They are basically trying to re-engineer the human being to suit their agenda. Who’s they? I believe that the World Economic Forum makes this clear. I do not consent to being used in this way. I do not consent to any science which destroys God’s amazing creation, the human being. Our brains were not meant to be exploited for control by the biggest criminals in the world. Some day I hope to get justice.

Thank you for reading this … I swear to God that it’s true and I have a lot of evidence to support it …


7 thoughts on “Transhumanism Research is Being Forced on Non Consensual MKUltra Victims

  1. Hi, just read your true story. I have a similar one, I’m isolated. Do you check this blog for comments and do you reply? Asking before hand. Hope you are well. I’m a senior TI since birth, 74 years. I have a site here but it’s been private so far. Need advice!

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  2. Hi again, who are you connected with concerning Human Rights? Are you associated with any of the well known people fighting for Human Rights? just I was curious why you posted the links to Ramola D 4 times?


    1. I support many human rights organizations but unfortunately we are not yet at a time where these issues are seen as human rights violations. That is changing rapidly. Thanks for alerting me to the digital tampering.


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