To law enforcement, military, and government agents … welcome to my blog! … I publish what I think might be the truth, though I can make mistakes … these truths affect all of us and I urge you to do your own research about these issues because we need your expertise and support to protect ourselves … I am non violent and non confrontational … I come from a family of military and law enforcement and I hope that all of us can recognize the injustice in the world and unite against it … we are all in this together ….

In the spring of 2010 my life took a huge turn after I exposed crime in my community. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was a victim of a covert crime spree, most likely perpetrated by a hidden element in our national security agencies, under the control of the financial elite, to protect their criminal, money-making enterprises and silence those citizens who were speaking out about them. In my case I was exposing local methamphetamine dealers who had infiltrated my neighborhood and were causing all kinds of hardship in my community.

My nightmare began after the eviction of these criminal neighbors who had been harassing me with continual noise including gun shots. This is my story as told to Sean Anthony, creator of the “Flow of Wisdom” radio show ….


This protocol of complete destruction has been reported by thousands around the world … some are whistle blowers, some are political activists, some had conflicts with others who obviously had connections, many are African-Americans, many are single older women, and some don’t belong to any of these categories …

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