Activist Yoon Shin Released, Reveals Stamford, CT Police & Court System Corruption: “Arrested for Saying a Prayer”

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I am so pleased to report that James Yoon Shin, the intrepid activist with the exuberantly painted and printed car who was striving to raise awareness coast to coast on yoon911ahis drive from Venice, California to New York City has been released from prison in Connecticut.

With his car, Yoon Shin was seeking to inform Americans (who are still being fed distortions and lies from mainstream media about “Targeted Individuals” being paranoid schizophrenics) about the ongoing deadly secret policing (with EMF weapons and neuroweapons) and political oppression of wrongfully targeted civilians in the US and worldwide, which local law enforcement, fusion centers, and national heads of intelligence/security agencies are still seeking desperately to hide. He was also seeking to say prayers at sites he felt needed prayers–these included Masonic temples, Jewish temples, and Montessori schools. Because of his focus on Jewish temples, much misunderstood (explained further by…

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The Game


I suspect that “The Game” is the same old game that’s been played out over and over again on our weary planet, that quest for world supremacy and domination. Yes, here it is again …  that same old story of lies, brutality and treachery, might against right, good against evil, ad nauseam … yawn.

With each passing generation the game gets more sophisticated … new weaponry gets tested and deployed, new tactics are explored and discussed, new heros and villains are announced .. but really, the game remains the same … Conquest! Superiority! Control!

Why? ..

What is it in man that dictates that most of our intelligence and resources should be used to destroy each other?

I’m a great observer of the natural world and I can tell you that these principles of brutality and conquest are quite natural, some even say necessary, to cull the herd and ensure the strength of the  species …

But we’re a bit different from other species in that it is our intellect that determines supremacy, and not our brute physical strength. It is our intellect that is under attack in this latest game and that does not advance the species, it sets it back.

And how is our intellect under attack?

  1. Psychotronic weapons .. look it up while you still can.
  2. Massive distraction through chaos and prejudice. Divide and conquer. Corruption. So called natural disasters which lead to learned helplessness.
  3. Chemical exposure in our air, food, medicines and water.
  4. Massive amounts of electro magnetic exposure.
  5. Poverty.
  6. Injustice.
  7. Illness.
  8. Greed
  9. Hatred

All of these factors destroy the human spirit and compromise the intellect. It is the intellect which solves these problems. There is no advancement possible under these conditions.

A handful of psychopaths, regardless of how powerful or how wealthy they are, can not fix this problem. Indeed, they are the very people who have caused it.

The people are the only ones who can advance mankind and they do that by over riding fear and doing the right thing.

They do not follow destructive orders, they do not hate and destroy their fellow man. They do not deny help. They do not believe hearsay. They notice when their own behavior is irrational and they look for the causes…. They protect their intellect above all else. They take pride in themselves and their species, only possible if they Do The Right Thing.

They look for “the game”, and they refuse to play it.. and that my friends, just might be the only solution .

Written from the rain soaked valley of Sonoma County, California by Rosanne Marie Schneider … Intellect intact.

The Abuse of Neuroscience

It is no secret that the world is witnessing the rapid development of inventions which read and manipulate brain waves. There are now products available commercially which are based on this technology. These products put you to sleep and calm you down or tell you how you are doing and many are based on frequencies which affect your brain waves.

The  military has also been working on this technology. Unfortunately, their goals have been questioned.

Let’s get this straight. Accessing a person’s brainwaves can give the military tremendous control over a person. According to scientific publications they are looking into reading minds and behavior modification. They’re also looking into hacking the nervous system. Imagine what power that would give them.

There are now thousands around the world who are complaining of such manipulation. They complain of forced sleep, forced emotions, unusual thoughts, strange symptoms having to do with their nervous system, and the list goes on. Are you seeing the implications yet? Are you realizing the dangers to humanity yet?

Here are a few links to illustrate my point:

Interview with Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: “Bogus National Security Laws Have Enabled Big Brother to Monitor Everyone and Harass Many”

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

by Ramola D/Posted 3/1/2017

sat1Surveillance Issues

The truth is, we in the Western democracies are no freer than our counterparts elsewhere in the world. In fact, serfs in feudal England or slaves in ancient Egypt served masters no more evil than some of those we deal with today. The only difference is that the ruling classes today hide their crimes and attitudes better. They can’t drag “do-gooders” out of bed at 2:00 am and have them thrown into some hellhole to be tortured to death. Here, in a “democracy”, they have to use satellite spying and harassment technologies, media feedback, political maneuvering, conspiracy, etc. As a result, none will be questioned, let alone caught and punished. Instead, while opponents are silenced and discredited, “their” attitudes permeate society, drawing others to accept that invasions of privacy, drugs, corruption and all manner of criminal conduct are to go unquestioned, as an acceptable…

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Cointelpro on Steroids

We have a covert program running in the world which has been called Cointelpro on Steroids. That it is. It is being used on Activists, Whistleblowers, Dissidents, and innocent citizens who have personalities, philosophies or assets which are threatening to the powers that shouldn’t be. It is best described by this brave doctor. Please watch this for your own protection.

Fortunately, we have many high level professionals stepping up to expose this atrocity. You’ll find some of them here …

Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Recently, a respected doctor in our midst, Dr. Ed Spencer, sent out a clarion call for help to a few trusted and high-profile ex-Government contacts he is in touch with, sharing with them the intense and debilitating directed-energy weapons attacks Dr. Katherine Horton and I have recently experienced, just these past few days, no doubt in brute retaliation for our rather public activism on behalf of all those worldwide who are wrongfully targeted and literally being mutilated by the deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare and Neurowarfare in our neighborhoods–satellites, covert repeaters, covert microwave transmitters, covert transducers, covert antenna systems, portable directed-energy weapons, ultrasonics, infrasonics, lasers, masers, X-rays, in conjunction with covert implants, nanotechnology, and virus-filled aerosols–being used in cowardly, stealth fashion by our “Intelligence” agencies, our “Security” agencies, our local “Law Enforcement,” and our Departments of “Defense”.

Identified as a Global Fascist program of citizen neutralization, extermination, and takedown by…

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Electronic Warfare and Neuro-Warfare on Civilians Worldwide

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

My thanks and appreciation to Paul and Mindy Marko of Pine Cone Utopia for this interview yesterday and their speedy production of the video, which is posted online already at Youtube.

We covered a wide range of subjects, including the subject of my own wrongful targeting/surveillance/non-consensual experimentation experience (covered earlier last year at Washington’s Blog), the fact that electromagnetic weapons are being used covertly, under classified and “public safety” covers by local Law Enforcement, the subject of ongoing classified non-consensual experimentation, the invidiousness of our current laws which permit those under surveillance to be experimented on by the Military and by the CIA, media treachery in failing to report on these matters and choosing in fact to spout Government propaganda and lies instead about “Targeted Individuals” being delusional and paranoid and schizophrenic (while fusion centers and the Military pummel them with electromagnetic weapons), and the deadly evils of secrecy…

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