Transhumanism Research is Being Forced on Non Consensual MKUltra Victims

Transhumanism Research is Being Forced on Non Consensual MKUltra Victims

I am beginning to fully realize that I am a victim of the worst non consensual experimentation imaginable. The experimentation has to do with transhumanism. This is a stated New World Order goal. The World Economic Forum has openly stated that they wish to hack humans and replace our natural relationship with God.

I believe that I am being used for this research.

This all began after minor surgery that I had to remove my gallbladder. I now question whether the failure of my gallbladder was engineered. There are ways to engineer almost any disease using frequencies and directed energy aimed at the body.

I had no choice but to have this organ removed as it was suddenly causing me unbearable pain. I was in my late forties at the time, a time, according to statistics, when experimentation like this begins.

The surgery took much, much longer than expected and I came out a different person. As well as the surgeon on record there was another surgeon there who had been studying me for months. He had signed up as a client of mine in a local business that I had so I knew a little about his background. He had experienced great trauma in his life and I now believe that this led to his participation.

As I healed from this surgery I noticed that things had changed. My physical body was prone to illnesses which I had never experienced before. At the time I was promoting a new business which dealt with the importation of historic art from England and Ireland. I was travelling around the state of California with my husband and exhibiting at festivals to show off my wares. Suddenly, I found that I was sleepless and that my feet were experiencing significant swelling.  At this time I noticed that I could be up all night and not experience fatigue of any kind the next day. In a sense I was a super human and able to function perfectly without sleep.

I was also experiencing angina at this time which I suspected was a result of a five year battle with Lyme disease. I now believe that the Lyme disease was induced as it’s role as a bioweapon begins to be exposed.

Because of the angina, which was seriously debilitating, and my swelling feet I went to Kaiser and submitted to every heart test that they had. They all came back within normal range but I simply could not function as before. My healthy, happy life as I knew it was over.

Also at this time, I experienced thyroid failure. What the hell was going on? Little did I know that things were about to get much worse.

At this time my mother suddenly experienced difficulties in her life and was calling me constantly in fear. She was a very competent, happy person who had been working as a systems analyst in an insurance company. She was suddenly fired from her job one day and was experiencing strange unexpected harassment wherever she went. She had very strange physical symptoms occurring and was almost killed on the road one day when a truck cut her off on the freeway. Her health was degrading quickly and eventually she ended up in the hospital unable to speak to me after suspect heart surgery. She was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome and her doctors refused to treat it. She died shortly afterwards.

After my mother died my life unraveled and none of it was natural. I had a pet die suddenly, my home caught on fire, my husband became irrationally angry and we split up. I was suddenly alone and coping as best that I could. At this time I also lost two businesses through sabotage. When I claim sabotage what I mean is they failed because of incidents outside of my control.

I did my best to hold on financially by renting rooms in my home. Every single tenant that I had seemed programmed to cause me grief. I had bipolar tenants who would scream at me, I had an exhibitionist who would do yoga naked in my yard, I had a wife beater who was in some kind of therapy, I had secret drug addicts who stole from me ( including a beloved pet ), I had a good woman who argued with me because I supported president Trump, I had a therapist who would slam all of the cupboard doors in the house repeatedly, I had an artist who ran out of the house screaming because I cooked meat, I had a foreign man who wanted to hermetically seal the doors between him and I at a time that I was smelling chemicals in my personal section of the house .

In the community that I was in I was also experiencing difficulties. I was suddenly being followed around town by police and what appeared to be operatives .. what the hell was going on? I was a good woman who worked hard and minded my own business, a long term volunteer for Home Hospice ( 17 years ), an animal rescuer, an artist, a humanitarian .. why would anyone want to hurt me?

Eventually, as this abuse got worse and my physical condition declined, I found a whole community of people on the internet who were experiencing the exact same thing. When this occurred I began to be hit with some kind of weaponry which burnt my skin and made me ill. This is now referred to as Havana Syndrome but at the time no one believed me and I was being framed as mentally ill.

After many unrelenting years of this, years in which I suffered greatly physically and emotionally, years in which my beloved pets became ill, years in which every single financial avenue that I employed was non-productive, years in which most things that I owned were destroyed or stolen, I was told that I was an MKUltra victim from age 3. At this point I put two and two together and concluded that I was being used by corrupt government agents for non consensual experimentation .. and I wasn’t the only one coming to this conclusion … there were thousands of us and we were being used for very sophisticated weapons testing … neuro-weapons to be exact … this was military technology being used on unsuspecting, non-combative citizens. The strange happenings in my life had been engineered to set the stage for this experimentation by making me look crazy so that no one would believe me.

It was at this time that I wrote my first book trying to describe and prove this program which I and others were being subjected to non consensually. As I found more and more victims of this atrocity, I realized that this was a push to control humanity and that the constant harassment was being used for trauma based mind control, and yes, psychotronics were being used to control the human mind. I knew that this was happening because I found myself looking at my phone to check the time at the same time every day, 1:11 or 11:11 or 3:33. I had even put a “333” in my email address, a further indication of mind control. I didn’t know what it meant at the time.

It is at this point in my life, after 12 years of torture and control, that I begin to unravel what is really going on. It is at this point in my life, that the destruction has mostly ended and the re-construction appears to be beginning. I now believe that my life was purposely destroyed so that it could be rebuilt by those in control. Everything that I’ve described has been done non consensually and I am now being forced to be a different person.  I am attacked and hurt if I deviate from the plan of the perpeTraitors. I am isolated and sent messages that state that I will not be allowed to have love in my life until I become what they want. The attacks most likely come from implants in my brain ( that were spotted with an MRI scan ) which control my nervous system. Sort of like the project that Elon Musk is working on. Sort of like the project that the WEF has outlined for destroying free will. I am living this. I have no free will.

The perpeTraitors of this non consensual program seek to control what I eat, my personal habits, any addictions that I might have like nicotine ( nicotine is actually protective to the brain … look it up ), my social circle, my income, my love life, my spirituality … and it goes on and on with no end in sight…

How do I know that this is transhumanism research? Because I’ve been able to feel other people’s emotions. My ex and I still communicate occasionally. We can tolerate each other for around an hour as long as I don’t express any truths or opinions which might anger him. He had a cat die one day and he called me about it. The following day I woke up and I felt his emotions, his grief over his loss of his beloved friend who slept with him. I called him right away and yes, he was suffering emotionally, in fact his emotions were just what I had felt. I have also had this happen with others.

I have been sent information about empaths because of the trauma in my childhood. When one is traumatized in youth one develops heightened sensitivity which has been described as having eyes in the back of one’s head. This is a normal reaction to danger which I acknowledge and have felt throughout my life. Yes, I can read other people quite easily. But what I experienced was much greater than this, it’s as though we were sharing one brain. Have you heard of brain to brain communication? I believe that this is what is being done. His brainwaves were being sent to my brain. Yes, this is doable. Research the experts Robert Duncan and James Giordano if you doubt this.

They are basically trying to re-engineer the human being to suit their agenda. Who’s they? I believe that the World Economic Forum makes this clear. I do not consent to being used in this way. I do not consent to any science which destroys God’s amazing creation, the human being. Our brains were not meant to be exploited for control by the biggest criminals in the world. Some day I hope to get justice.

Thank you for reading this … I swear to God that it’s true and I have a lot of evidence to support it …


My Life as an Independent Journalist – Volume 3 – The World as Reported 9/9/2022

My Life as an Independent Journalist – Volume 3 – The World as Reported 9/9/2022

Once again it’s time to delete tabs from my browser to make it functional again. These are links that I have not had time to look at. I place them here for later review. There’s a value to doing this … it provides a snapshot of what’s going on, what’s being reported … one can get a general idea of what’s going on in our world … Happy browsing! … and if you can buy me a cup of coffee you’ll find a link for donations on my “about” page.

Above Link: Embalmers are Making Shocking Discoveries in the Blood of the Dead

Above Link: The CIA’s Secret Quest for Mind Control

Above Link: List of US Government Black Projects and Operations

Above Link: The Illuminati, Secret Societies that Rule the World

Above Link: The Genesis and Progression of Transhumanism

Above Link: BBC – MKUltra, the CIA’s Secret Pursuit of Mind Control

Above Link: Elderly Abuse through Psychiatry

Above Link: A Practical Approach to the Ethical Use of Memory Modulating Technologies

Above Link: Human Brain Link Sends Thoughts

Above Link: Ex-CIA Covert Intel Agent Andrew Bustamante Describes How to Disappear

Above Link: Modern Advances in Mind Control Threaten Every Human

Above Link: The Mother of All Black Operations
Above Link: NWO’s Transhumanism and Behavior Control Plans – Freedom is the Cure

Above Link: AI – EU Moves to Beat the Algorithms That Ruin Lives?

Above Link: Whistleblowers Inside the UN?

Above Link: Reclaim Free Thought and Spirit, Cathy O’Brien
Above Link: Jesse Ventura – Secret Societies
Above Link: Mass Disruption – Electromagnetic Neuroweapons

Above Link: Robert Duncan Answers Questions from Targeted Individuals

Above Link: An Invisible Assault, Or Is It?

Above Link: The Illuminati Formula for Creating a Mind Controlled Slave

My Life as an Independent Journalist, Volume 2 – The World as Reported 8/7/2022

My Life as an Independent Journalist, Volume 2 – The World as Reported 8/7/2022

Once again I must clear my browser to keep it functional. There’s no way that I can research all of this so I will put it here so that my subscribers can pick and choose what they’d like to see. Do keep in mind that most of these stories and videos are waiting for my review. Also, keep in mind that I’ve been doing this kind of research for at least ten years in my attempts to save humanity, and I’ve been taken down financially because of it, so if you can contribute to my survival you’ll find contact information on my “About” page. Thank you, keep the faith, we WILL win this war that we’re in. As always, knowledge is our weapon.


LINK ABOVE – INFORMATION WEAPON – Russia’s Nonnuclear Strategic Weapons of Choice














The Life of an Independent Journalist Covering Electromagnetic Weaponry

The Life of an Independent Journalist Covering Electromagnetic Weaponry

It’s another sleepy Sunday afternoon in Northern California. While most people are clipping their shrubs, watering their lawns and preparing their lunches I am sifting through tabs and tabs of information on my browser. There are so many open tabs on my browser that my browser is no longer working properly. Something must be done with this information so I’ve decided to put it all in my blog.

This is information waiting for my review so none of it’s been verified. I wanted to give the reader out there some idea of my life, and why independent journalists sometimes get overwhelmed. After going through all of this I deleted some, bookmarked some, left some on my browser from trusted sources to listen to later. There was one video that I could not post here. It was a group of Constitutional sheriffs discussing how to save our country. I guess that they’re terrorists now so never mind. I’ve got it down to 17 tabs.

In general I publish 5% of the information that I’m exposed to. Even if you choose to ignore everything here you can kind of pick up the gist of what’s happening in our world. All of these reports can’t be faulty. In my opinion, after years and years of research, we are very quickly heading into a world of technological slavery, in fact some people would say that we’re already there.

I know that money’s really tight right now but if you can donate a little something for my efforts then please do. Like most people out there trying to expose the truth I am financially sabotaged and about to lose my home and I take tremendous risks by exposing global agendas and their mindless slaves within our country. You’ll find my PayPal address on the “about ” page. Thank You!

It’s July 17th, 2022 and here are the open tabs on my browser.

Above link – Voice to Skull – What You Need to Know

Above link – We Have No Reason to Believe 5g is Safe

Above link – Raven Claw Augments Battle Management for Electronic Warfare Operations

Above link – How Big Wireless Made Us Think that Cell Phones are Safe

Above link – Transhumanism Nightmare – Graphine Nanowires Torturing the Vaxxed

Above link – Secretive Agency Uses AI Human Forecasters to Predict Future

Above link – Understanding Radiation Risks

Above link – Spy Cops

Above link – The Secret Program of US Mind Control Weapons

Above Link – The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Above link – Pentagon Laser Voices

Above link – Cathy O’Brien, America’s MK Ultra Mind Control

Above link – Civilians Being Assaulted with Directed Energy Weapons

Above Link – CIA Psychotronic Weapons

Above Link – Mind Control Through the Airwaves

Above Link – The Silent War Being Waged on Our Children

Above Link – The Dark Truth of Transhumanism

Above Link – Mind Control with Silent Sounds and Super Computers

Above Link – The Military Use of Mind Control

Above link – The HARP Project and Non Lethal Weapons

Can Someone Verify This? …

Can Someone Verify This? …

From the tales of electromagnetic destruction comes this beauty. If this list is true, and I have yet to determine that, then the military industrial complex is indeed guilty of the orgy of weaponry and research that many report. Hey, you could be paying for your own subjugation, and good luck finding the weapon or filing an abuse report….

Please, can someone verify this list? … I’d love if you could discredit it … I don’t want to believe that the human race is so vulnerable … yes, please discredit it … put my soul at ease ….

But really, feel free to leave a comment .. going up against the deep state and the military industrial complex is one hell of a retirement plan, but then again I’m already targeted so I have total freedom … to my deep state adversaries … what on earth are you doing with our planet?

“O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”

Walter Scott

Love from an old apple orchard in Northern California …

Stay strong people!!!

As you read this list, keep in mind that thousands, if not millions of people are saying that they are experiencing these symptoms … the world calls them targeted individuals … many of them are ex-military or ex-intelligence whistle blowers … many are doctors or journalists … the list is growing daily …

Found on FaceBook – 5/4/2022

  1. Microwave Pulse Weapons: Head & Body Pulse Shots, Low-Intensity to High-Intensity, productive of instant migraines, running noses, stuffed noses, inability to breathe, extreme heat
  2. Sonic & Acoustic Radar Weapons–Ultrasonic (Bone Conductance), Infrasonic, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency): Projected Sound, Silent Sound, Tinnitus/High Tone, Remote Cavitation of Organs for Tracking—Stomach, Throat, Mouth, Intestine, Rectum.
  3. Vibration Weapons: Vibrations of couch, bed, seat, externally induced; Vibrations at spine of body (induced presumably by implants at spine); see Conducted Electrical Weapons & Microchip Weapons below; ELF vibrations from large engines, HAARP wind weapons acting like ELF vibrations to aid in tracking/honing/guiding Pencil Microwave Weapons at Rectum, Vibrations transmitted through Water Pipes underfoot in flooring
  4. BCI/EEG/TMS/Sonic/Other Neuroweapons:Neuro Injections – V2K (Voice to Skull), Synthetic Telepathy, Forced Speech, Synthetic Images & Film, Sounds, Sensations, Smells, Electronic Dreams;
    Neuro Communications/Modifications/Interventions – BCI (Brain Computer Interface) Tech inducive of Hive-Mind Communications, Brain to Brain communications, BCI-CBI Communications; Removal of Memories; Insertion of Memories; Removal of Words, Language Skills, Musical skills, Computer skills;
    Neuro Takeover – EEG Heterodyning and EEG Cloning, Bio-Robotizing inducing effect of Brain Clone invading brain and imposing external will/external force in thought, speech, bodily movements
  5. Bio-Resonance Frequency Weapons/DEW: Forced Sleep, Forced Emotions: Induced Rage, Fear, Fatigue, Depression, Paralysis, Confusion; Bodily Organ Attack via Organ-Specific Bio-Resonance Weapons, experienced as pulse shots, pain
  6. Scalar Radar/Touch Weapons: Pulse-flicker weapons, Skin-crawl/Skin-hammer weapons, Highly Intrusive Private-Part-Invasions, Haptic touch weapons
  7. Conducted Electrical Weapons: Remote electro-shock/vibration/spasm weapons, producing violent to mild shocks and spasms of different parts of body or whole body—perhaps to mimic clinical seizures; violent to mild vibrations at spine; Remote sexual stimulation/orgasm-inducing weapons, perhaps to create involuntary sexual stimulation, now classified a “disorder”; Remote electromagnetic rape weapons (Precision tracking radar)
  8. Tracking Radar Weapons: Nerve-flicker weapons, Breath-and-heartbeat-tracking weapons (Through-wall-surveillance radar, Earthquake radar), Muscle-flicker weapons—all used as Biometric Surveillance devices, to establish occupancy or presence, to establish bodily position, azimuth.
  9. Brain Entrainment Frequency Weapons: Radio Hypnosis/Brain Programming Weapons, often at night, inducive of externally-imposed urgency-of-action-without-personal-will (Manchurian-action), causing people to engage in compulsive, unexplainable behavior and speech
  10. EEG Weapons: Painful EEG scans at scalp, done remotely
  11. EMF Wave Weapons: Painful pressurizing constrictions, wave-like, intense, unshieldable by simple metal, at brain and body: the forced movement of high EMF fields through the body & brain
  12. Laser/Maser Weapons: Sharp precision hits at skull, eyes; evidence of cigarette-mark-style burns on body
  13. Bio-Resonance Nerve-Activation Weapons: Painful activation of vagus, other nerves, remotely; fibromyalgia-style-inducing spot-hits on subdural nerves on face and body
  14. Microchip Weapons: RFIDs, Bio-MEMs, BCI (brain) chips, WBANs (Wireless Body Area Networks), Pattern of Clandestinely-placed Implants at Spine, Implants Surgically Inserted inside Organs, activated from outside for Torture and Organ Damage.
  15. Nanoweapons: Nanotech MEMS, Nanobots, Nanobiosensors in fingertips, tongue, Sprayed thin-film nanotech on back, used with microwave pulse weapons to induce extreme, subdural heating effects, basically Torture; sprayed/injected nanotech filler-synthetic-tissue to disfigure and mutilate faces and bodies; nanotech attacks to create burns, lesions, swellings, discoloration; nanotech clustering at feet, to permit remote electrical vibration
  16. Active Denial/5G/Millimeter Wave Weapons: Skin-burn weapons, producing burns, blisters, lesions
  17. Plasma Weapons: Pulsed Energy Projectiles, Localized Heat-bombs, inducing extreme heat on body and surroundings; Localized Heat-Sinks, ionizing/cooling-down of temperatures around body
  18. Chemical Weapons: Chemicals and gases, vented into homes/cars, targeted aerosols/chem trails, dropped from aerial vehicles,
  19. Biological Warfare Weapons–Virus-laden Aerosols/Chem Trails; Microchip/Nanotech weapons: Inducing high-itch/psoriasis, flus, colds, coughs, Morgellons
  20. HAARP Weather Warfare Weapons: Localized microburst wind, storms, hail, tornados; Wind vibrations used like ELF vibrations to aid in tracking/honing/guiding Pencil Microwave Weapons at Rectum
  21. Pencil or Precision Microwave High-Frequency Pulse Weapons at Rectum/Vagina/base of spine, sending high-frequency vibrations up spine, causing concussion-like headaches, electromagnetic rape/sexual stimulation.

Webinar on the Havana Syndrome Concludes that Civilians are Targeted with Invisible Weaponry

Webinar on the Havana Syndrome Concludes that Civilians are Targeted with Invisible Weaponry

On Thursday, February 10th, 2022 non consensual test subjects who have been painfully targeted with covert military weaponry finally got the recognition and compassion that they have been seeking. I was on this Webinar as an independent journalist and so this report is a first hand account of the proceedings. As a participant I was allowed to submit a preliminary question. I asked if the panel knew that hundreds of civilians had reported symptoms of Havana Syndrome to the State Department and that two of these civilians had actually been tested for the after effects of such an attack with positive results. I asked them to confirm that civilians were indeed being targeted with invisible weaponry and, to my astonishment, they did.

Here is some information about the Webinar …

This was a very long and scientifically detailed presentation. I waited patiently for James Giordano to speak because I knew that if anyone on the panel knew about the civilian victims then it would be him. He did not disappoint me. Here is the video of his presentation.

But the real knowledge of the situation came out in a panel discussion after each speaker had spoken individually … Here are the quotes from that discussion which revealed the truth of the terrible situation that non consensual test subjects find themselves in. I am one of these test subjects and my life has been completely destroyed and I spend every day and every night in pain and/or discomfort and I am not alone … thousands around the world endure the same predicament. Thank you Dr. James Giordano for your courage, intelligence and honesty …

“The overall intention of utilizing these most sophisticated devices I think harkens back to a very very literal definition of a weapon … in other words it’s a means of contending against others in ways which are disruptive .. it doesn’t seem to be destructive but disruptive … disruption can occur on a variety of levels … physical disruption, social disruption, psychological disruption, economic disruption … and essentially what that does is to create a rippling effect so it becomes important to think what are valuable targets? … there’s the need for increased vigilance, preparedness and understanding that a variety of tools, techniques, technologies and science could be rendered more generally against the public inclusive of those we hold near and dear, children inclusive, to have disruptive effects … we need to be aware of what’s quote “out there” … of what the science and technology can do … how it can be misused in ways which are nefarious” – Dr. James Giordano

and thank you to Dr. Munro Cullum for asking this question …

“Has anyone tried to study civilians who feel that they may be suffering from similar symptoms or exposed to such conditions”? – Dr. Munro Cullum

“Yeah, there’s evidence coming from some of the international literature for individuals that have been exposed to various forms of rangeable and unrangeable acoustic stimuli both those in the auditory range and ultrasonic range … Certainly we know that’s there’s been a lot of work done on the Frei effect and there is a body of literature both international and some of it domestic with regards to the effects of scalable pulsable microwaves which exist below the thermal artifacts” – Dr James Giordano

Joint Economic Committee Hearing – Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation

Joint Economic Committee Hearing – Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation

28 February 1998

Joint Economic Committee Hearing

Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation:

Potential Impact on the Economy

Wednesday, February 25, 1998


James O’Bryon
Department of Defense

David Schriner
Electronic Warfare Association

Dr. Ira Merritt
Missile Defense Space Tech Center

Dr. Alan Kehs
U.S. Army Research Laboratories

Chairman Jim Saxton’s Prepared Statement

Mr. James O’Bryon’s Prepared Statement

Mr. David Schriner’s Prepared Statement

Dr. Ira Merritt’s Prepared Statement

Dr. Alan Kehs’ Prepared Statement

Statement of Chairman Jim Saxton
Joint Economic Committee

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation: Potential Impact on the Economy

      Good morning. Thank you very much, everyone, for being here.

      On June 17, 1997, the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) held a hearing called, “Economic Espionage, Technology Transfers and National Security,” in which it heard testimony from Lt. Gen. Robert Schweitzer [below] about a new class of weapons, radio frequency weapons (RF), and the impact of these new weapons on the civilian and military electronic infrastructure of the United States.

      Since the General talked about a terrorist threat and a proliferation threat, the JEC has continued to investigate these potential threats. I am pleased to welcome to the Committee an extremely knowledgeable group of panelists. Let me introduce them.

      Dr. Alan Kehs is with U.S. Army Laboratories and will discuss the overall RF threat. Dr. Kehs has a BS and a MS in Electrical Engineering, and a MS and a PhD in Physics from the University of Maryland. He is a recognized expert on the generation and use of intense relativistic electron beams for the production of high-power microwave radiation. Recent assignments include Chief of the Source Physics Branch and Chief of the Nuclear and High Power Microwave Technology Office. Dr. Kehs chaired the 8th national conference on HPM in April 1997 and currently chairs the tri-service HPM technology coordinating committee.

      Mr. James O’Bryon is the Deputy Director of Operational Testing and the Director of Live Fire Testing with the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. He has received a BS in Mathematics, and he also has graduate degrees from George Washington University in Operations Research/Management Science and from MIT through the Electrical Engineering Department. The Director will discuss the role of Live Fire Testing and how it may play a role in testing our military equipment with RF weapons.

      Mr. David Schriner is the Principal Engineer directed energy studies with Electronic Warfare Associates and a recently retired engineer with the naval weapons testing facility at China Lake. He has numerous patents, has received superior service awards, and given technical presentations over 42 years of civil and military service. He will discuss the difficulty in building a RF weapon and the terrorist threat.

      Dr. Ira Merritt is with the Missile Defense Space Technology Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He has more than 25 years of experience in developing advanced technologies, systems requirements, system designs, and test capabilities for ballistic missile defense systems. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and advanced degrees in Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Merritt will discuss the proliferation of RF weapons primarily from the former Soviet Union.

      I look forward to the enlightening testimony from our panelists.

Statement of Mr. James F. O’Bryon Deputy Director, Operational Test and
Evaluation Live Fire Testing Office of the Secretary of Defense before the Joint Economic Committee United States Congress Wednesday, February 25, 1998

      Mr. Chairman and other distinguished members of the Committee, it’s an honor for me to appear before the Joint Economic Committee today to discuss the role and mission of Live Fire Testing, and specifically as it relates to the ballistic threat, the threats posed by radio frequency and electro-magnetic pulse and other threats. As your letter of invitation states, these issues “are of great importance to our nation as well as the world.”

      Let me begin by acknowledging the fact that the Congress recognized, starting about a decade ago, that there was a significant and growing need to realistically test our major weapons and weapons platforms to assure that they would withstand the rigors of combat and to inflict the maximum effect on the enemy when used. The Live Fire Test legislation, first authored in Fiscal Year 1986 and strengthened several times since then, including most recently, the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA), signed into law by the President in October 1994, requires that this realistic testing be conducted against realistic threats and that an independent report on the test results be prepared and delivered from the Secretary of Defense to the defense committees of both houses of the Congress prior to making any decision to enter full-rate production on each designated system. These systems have included armor systems, missiles, projectiles, aircraft and others. To date, literally thousands of Live Fire Tests have been conducted and evaluated and more than two dozen Live Fire Test and Evaluation reports on both weapons and platforms have been forwarded to the House and Senate in compliance with statute, prior to the decisions to enter full-rate production.

      Live Fire Testing has revealed design flaws which, had they not been found in testing and corrected, would most likely have resulted in the loss of valuable equipment, and more importantly, loss of life of our combat forces. The kind of realistic testing that we require provides the opportunity to learn what otherwise would only be discovered in the first days of actual combat, and that is certainly not the time for surprises.

      Since this is the Joint Economic Committee, I’m confident that your focus would be on how much this testing has cost the American taxpayer and in turn how much has been returned on these investments. I’m happy to report to you that, over the past decade since the inception of this program, although significant improvements have been made to our weapons systems as the result of this testing, not one test program has exceeded 1/3 of one percent of the program’s cost. This small investment has paid significant dividends in not only military equipment saved but also savings in lives from improved combat survivability.

      From its beginning, the LFT&E program has required that not only design threats be tested against our systems but that also emerging threats be tested as well since we need to anticipate what we’ll face at the end of the acquisition cycle and beyond. The System Threat Assessment Reports, or STARs, as they’re known, are prepared by the Service proponents and approved by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). These documents, by DoD regulation, are the primary source document used to establish what these emerging threats will be.

      The threats tend to fall into three categories: classical conventional, emerging conventional threats and unconventional threats. The legislation forming the basis for LFT&E calls for testing against expected conventional threats. The Pentagon’s JCS Publication 1-02 defines a conventional weapon as one which is neither nuclear, biological or chemical. Hence, testing of our chemical, biological and nuclear weapons is not under the aegis of Live Fire Testing. However, LFT&E does include other threats including directed energy threats. The focus of the STARs over the years has been on, what I term, “classical conventional threats.” They have formed the basis of the DIA threat documents outlining projected threats over the years. These traditional threats are certainly the most familiar and they include such things as rockets, bullets, missiles, mines, torpedoes, grenades, shaped charges, kinetic energy penetrators, high explosives and other similar weapons which damage by depositing either kinetic energy, explosive energy or both. We have done significant testing of these threats and these threats will, most likely continue to face us well into the next century.

      There is a second category of threats which, in my opinion, are of increasing importance, the directed energy threats. This category of threats includes low, medium, and high-energy lasers and high powered microwave radio frequency threats. I would like to focus the remainder of my opening statement on them.

      These directed energy threats are included within the official definition of conventional threats, and hence, within the LFT&E mandate for oversight, are receiving increasing attention from the Services.

      Recent defense guidance has made clear that other nations may very well choose to fight the U.S. asymmetrically, thereby avoiding a frontal assault on our forces in the more traditional war of engagement and attrition. Rather, they very well might choose to select a specific area of our potential vulnerability, for example communications, or information warfare, or other selective threat to attack us more effectively and efficiently. Recognizing that our nation, both militarily and commercially, is heavily dependent upon electronically produced, processed and transmitted information, it makes good sense to assume that rogue nations could easily try to exploit this potential niche warfare area to not only disrupt military command, control and communications but also to attempt to defeat our highly sophisticated military systems which rely increasingly on computers and their related software.

      Drawing much of their technology from the commercial world, our military systems, whether they be tanks, ships or aircraft are heavily dependent upon computers or computer components. They use computers to navigate, to communicate and to acquire and home on targets. In fact, some of our new fighter aircraft literally cannot fly without their computer controls. Destroying, disrupting, corrupting or interrupting computer components could be very serious. As our computers become more and more miniaturized, faster and more proliferated, it may become feasible to attack these platforms through their potentially soft electronic components. As Mark Twain once said, “If you put all of your eggs in one basket, you’d better watch that basket.”

      Other technologies, such as the introduction of nonmetallic composite skins for our aircraft and armor, may, while minimizing weight, inadvertently increase vulnerabilities by eliminating the “Faraday cage” which has traditionally provided a degree of protection from external electronic disruption.

      We recently initiated a series of Joint Live Fire Tests (JLF) with the three Military Departments to assess the effects of potential radio frequency weapons against our platforms. While there has been some testing of RF weapons over the years, these JLF tests were particularly interesting for several reasons: First, we were examining the survivability of our systems to such weapons. In contrast to this, most tests done previously had been to asses our lethality against potential adversaries. Second, the source was a transient electro-magnetic broadband threat, making potentially susceptible a much wider range of equipment than the more traditionally tested narrow band systems. Third, the tests were conducted outside, rather than the vast majority of other testing which has been done at short range inside enclosures. Just as one’s voice sounds differently in the shower than it does outside, so does the performance of an RF weapon in the open. Fourth, the tests were done against a fully operational target, not simply a component or series of components as is often done. Just as the human body behaves as a total system, weapons platforms perform differently when tested as a complete operating system. We selected the Army’s Huey Cobra Gunship as the candidate platform to gain insights into not only what the first order effects might be but also to gain insights into how to even test such systems to these threats. Our intent in testing such an older and less sophisticated platform than we are currently developing was that it would not only be less costly and more available for destructive testing but also might indicate that if such an unsophisticated platform were to be vulnerable to such threats, then our newer, more computer dependent platforms could also be. We also were able to place other devices of interest in the path of the threat with significant results.

      Just three weeks ago, I and some 200 others attended a meeting in the Russell Building sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association, at which time the issues of information security and warfare were discussed. The act that some of our military communications are conducted over commercial lines was noted. Hence, what might first appear to be a civilian problem could also be a military problem.

      Because of the rate of change of technology, in communications, computers and sensors as well as in lasers and radio frequency technology, the complexities of the issues are fast-moving.

      I’m not here to imply that the sky is falling, or that our weapons don’t work. What I am trying to say is that the world is changing, the potential threat is changing, and our approach to designing and testing in this emerging world must change to meet it. We must realistically Live Fire Test to these emerging threats to our military platforms and weapons. It will be a savings not only in real dollars and equipment, but in lives as well.

      Thank you for your invitation to appear here this morning. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time.

Statement of Mr. David Schriner before the Joint Economic Committee United States Congress Wednesday, February 25, 1998

“The Design and Fabrication of a Damage
Inflicting RF Weapon by ‘Back Yard’ Methods”

      Note, this paper reflects the personal views and opinion of the author. The material in this paper has been deemed unclassified by those who hold his security clearances but it does not specifically represent their views. This paper is a very brief statement on the subject and it is written from a non-technical point of view to provide an easy look at the subject manner by non-professional people or groups. Further elaboration on any point can be requested in either a technical format or at a classified level with the proper security restrictions in place.

      For many years research activities in different countries have focused on the use of radio frequency (RF) waves as a weapon. Most of this work has been titled or described under the title of High Powered Microwave (HPM). Worldwide, large amounts of money have been invested in this technology to support both the military interests but also the industrial heating needs. Like most technologies, with maturity the applications increase and the costs to use it become lower. One primary point of this paper is that as these technologies mature they also become affordable and usable by criminals and terrorists. Most military programs are classified and the general public knows little concerning their nature but as the technology becomes available to criminals and terrorists, it may be directly applied to the infrastructure elements of our society. This paper addresses the question concerning the possibility of certain types of this technology being used against the society.

      The primary focus of this paper will be on a different and new form of HPM called Transient Electromagnetic Devices (TED) that could, in the hands of enemies, criminals, pranksters, or terrorists pose a significant threat to much of the United States infrastructure components that are based on micro-circuits and computer or micro-processor control. This includes financial institutions, aircraft, security, medical, automotive, and other critical equipment used everyday in our society. The systems necessary for the production of this form of energy are much easier to construct and use than the earlier and more well known conventional HPM narrow-band systems that are currently in development for military use. Millions of dollars have been spent on the conventional HPM, systems and it is the type that DOD managers and their funding offices are well acquainted with. This paper will briefly speak to these but the main focus of it will be on the very different type, the TED systems, which is less well known and may be the RF weapon of choice to the modern cyber or infrastructure RF warrior.

      Conventional HPM systems generate RF wavessimilar to those used for many different purposes including communications, heating, and radio location purposes. We are all very familiar with the term frequency as expressed in mega-hertz (MHz) when we tune our FM radios over the FM band from 88 to 108 MHz. Likewise with the AM radio band from .55 to 1.5 MHz. These expressions of frequency describe how many complete RF cycles occur each second from the radio transmitters that generate them. Radar systems also generate RF signals but these are in thousands of MHz each second (the term Giga-Hertz or GHz applies). This is the type of signal that conventional HPM systems generate or radiate, a sine wave. TED systems do not generate a sine wave and operate entirely differently than narrow-band systems.

      Narrow band HPM systems are similar to microwave ovens in that they use high powered sine waves to cause material placed in their field to generate heat. This is exactly what narrow band HPM systems do, they attempt to use extremely high powered RF sine waves to cause a target system to burn out. Other types of HPM use high powered, but conventional wave-like signals to enter a target system and cause some of the conventional effects that a jammer or countermeasure system might. All of these narrow band HPM systems employ sine waves that are very different than the signals generated and radiated and employed by the TED systems.

      RF power is expressed in Watts and one million Watts is expressed as “megaWatts” or MW. A kitchen microwave oven, for example, uses a magnetron tube to produce a continuous wave (CW) .5 to 1 MW RF signal to provide energy to heat the material placed in its presence. In a simple way of describing the heating, the powerful microwave signals cause the molecules of the material to rub together at the frequency generated by the magnetron and heat results in the material exposed to the field. Materials such as meat, many materials containing carbon molecules, and even water heat well when placed in such a field. Many industrial heating applications require considerably larger power levels than the home microwave oven but the basic principles are the same.

      It is with this view of microwave heating that we have the first notion of the use of microwaves as a weapon. One assumes that if a microwave signal of extremely high power level is aimed at a distant target of some type, then heating and perhaps burnout of some part of the target would occur. If the signal was tuned to the operating frequency of a targeted radio receiver, for example, one would assume that if enough power was provided in the radiated beam directed at the target’s radio antenna, that the radio’s “front-end”, that part directly connected to the antenna, could be heated sufficiently to burn it out. The key here is whether there is an entry point for the high powered signal to enter the targeted system and whether there is enough power to cause burnout.

      The community involved with HPM systems generally describes a “front-door” and a “back-door” entry point. A front-door point might be, as in the above example, an antenna normally used by the target platform, such as an aircraft or a tank, for some RF function such as communication or radar. Here the RF weapon designer would attempt to radiate an RF signal into the target platform’s antenna and cause either a burnout or a disruption effect. A back-door entry point might be an unshielded wire at some point on the targeted platform that would allow the RF weapon signal to enter some part of the platform’s electronic systems and, as before, cause a burnout or disruption of some sort. The weapon designer would like to have a priori knowledge of the target so as to select the right frequency and use the right modulations to accomplish the desired result.

      Since this extremely high-powered RF generation technology also fills the needs of industrial heating applications, essentially very high powered microwave ovens, there is a universal worldwide need for the technology and export controls are confused when it comes to the possible use of this technology as a weapon.

      The New Kid on the block, the Transient Electromagnetic Device (TED):

      There is a new type of source technology currently under development in our country and, very likely, other countries as well. This type of directed RF energy is quite different than the narrow-band systems previously described. This type of directed energy is called transient electromagnetic radiation. Instead of generating a train of smooth sine-waves, as the conventional narrow-band systems do, it generates a single spike-like form of energy. This spike-like burst of potential does not have “cycles” or waves and it may be only one or two hundred pico-seconds (psec) in length. 100 psec is the time that it takes light to travel 1.2 inches and often these short time duration puoses are described in “light-inches”.

      It is very similar to the type of signal that occurs when you rub your feet on the carpet on a dry day and then touch your computer keyboard. An electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs when you do this. The electrostatic charge on your body discharges onto and into the computer and a very brief amount of very high current flows quickly from your finger into the computer circuits causing a momentary break in the normal flow of signals and bits of information. Because of this momentary break in the “bit-flow” the ESD may cause the computer to crash and in some cases it may cause sensitive electronic circuits to be actually damaged to the point where they are non-functional and must be replaced. This vulnerable item may be just a single semiconductor diode in a single integrated chip in a circuit on the motherboard, and there are hundreds or thousands of these in a desk-top computer. It is often economical to simply replace a whole circuit board of components rather than trying to find the one specific circuit and replacing just it. This type of new weapon source, a transient electromagnetic device (TED), is actually a system that radiates an ESD-like signal that is intended to cause a similar responses, as just described, to the targeted system.

      Let us look at the differences between narrow-band (NB) and TED HPM systems. The NB systems generate sine waves, the TEDs don’t. The NB systems are very costly and go to great lengths to generate very high average powers, the TEDs don’t, the NB systems are very complex systems, the TEDs are not, the NB systems generate very high average powers (microwave heating), the TEDs generate very high peak powers (and are poor RF heaters). They both use an antenna and the larger it is, the more power they can radiate, in a narrow focused beam, at the target.

      In a narrow-band HPM device, high technology vacuum tubes are used that are, in some ways, very similar to those used in our highest-powered TV or FM stations and radar systems. They are very delicate devices, are complex, and very expensive. They require large amounts of primary power and generally require some type of cooling system, either air blowers or liquid types. All of this complexity requires complex engineering and development, and the manufacturing time is great and costly. Not for the amateur or a low-cost, start-up operation. Generally a highly skilled team of various technical experts of numerous engineering specialties is required to manage the development and operation of such devices.

      TEDs, on the other hand, are relatively simple devices that generally use simple spark-gap switches, either in oil or in pressurized gas pulse storage lines. The power supplies are relatively small in size and much lower in average power and cost than for the NB systems. The engineering and mechanical issues are small in comparison to the narrow-band devices. The technology is well described in the various professional Pulse Power references found in good technical libraries. The significant development, engineering, and manufacturing costs are small in comparison to narrow band. Most of the technology required is available and is an outcrop of the various nuclear and flash x-ray work done in the past.

      NB systems operate at some given frequency with a small bandwidth, and you will find them at one spot on the radio dial. The TEDs do not even have a definable frequency but instead, because of their short time duration, they occupy a very large spectrum space, and you will find it everywhere on every radio dial. When a TED pulse is generated it will have the ability to excite responses in systems designed to receive at any frequency from as low as 100 MHz up to several GHz, from the FM band up to the lower microwave bands. A NB system would excite only those systems that were operating at its frequency, say 2.345 GHz, so a narrow band system must be “tuned” to a given target’s known soft spot but a TED system would go after any soft spot of the target platform, back-door or front door.

      So what is the bottom line of this discussion?

      Because of the simplicity of TED systems and the suspicion that they may cause disruptive effects to electronic systems that they are aimed at, they make an attractive approach for RF terrorists to use for various purposes. We see hints of this vulnerability in the many warnings that we get each month about locations where we should not use radios and electronic devices for fear that we will do some damage to something. They make passengers on aircraft, during take off and landing, turn off radios, games, and other electronic devices. Hospitals regularly place signs that electronic devices are not allowed. Many people do not want you using your cellular telephones near their computer. Many repair shops require that wrist-bands attached to ground be used when opening electronic equipment for repair. We have a lot of things out there in the world that either have known or suspected vulnerabilities to RF fields or electrostatic discharge. A TED system provides both of these conditions, an RF electrostatic discharge nature and its output (the number of pulses per second) can be adjusted for maximum disruptive effect. Its peak power output can be made much higher than those fields ordinarily found in everyday systems like cellular radios, radar systems, TV and FM stations, and simple ESD effects.

      It clearly appears, based on testing that has been done as well the information presented at unclassified technical papers and conferences, that the TED would make a good terrorist RF weapon and that, with the proliferation of high technology infrastructure systems that are integral to everyday life in our country, we would be very vulnerable to such systems. It is also clear, because of the extreme cost of repairing all of the vulnerable systems, that until this vulnerability was shown, no one would have much concern or interest in it.

      Considerable discussion and innuendo has recently been made concerning the possibility of building a TED source using “back-yard” methods, a Radio Shack Terrorist RF weapon. Such a system would have to have sufficient power to, with some degree of probability, cause detrimental effects to common infrastructure items such as those found in; financial institutions (banks, ATMs, and stores), medical facilities, airport facilities, general transportation items (auto engine controls, ABS, air-bags, etc.), utility facilities (telephone exchanges, power grid controllers), and other infrastructure entities. This type of source is imagined to be what a criminal, terrorist, or prankster could develop or build in a reasonable time, with reasonable tools and materials and with open literature or reference material.

      The accomplishment of such an effort would require that either some sort of estimate of what power level would be necessary to accomplish a given objective or to simply make all of the power that could be made, and then go out and test the weapon against various target items under either controlled conditions or actual attempts against a family of established targets. Since it is an extremely complex process to even come close to some predicted level of vulnerability, using even the most advanced modeling and analysis techniques, the obvious approach would be to “go for the maximum power and then test” approach. Normal testing would be done under strict safety and security conditions but a terrorist would not have such limitations. Normal tests would be conducted at a test location but a terrorist would simply drive around the block or building until something happened.

      An important criteria for an RF terrorist would be that any of the parts and materials used would have to be those that could be easily found in any city and were not traceable by conventional counter-terrorist agencies such as the local police, insurance investigators, and FBI.

      It is clear that there are four basic configurations that could be used, one the size of a briefcase that could be placed very close to a target system (like a computer at a desk or counter), one that could be mounted into a small van and disguised to appear as ordinary, one that was dedicated to be set up at a remote target location and used for some purpose where appearance was not of any concern, and finally, a system that could be located in one’s back yard such that it could be aimed at over flying aircraft.

      The systems would likely have much in common and the builder would employ a learning curve to go to the next more advanced system. The results or vulnerabilities found with any system could be factored into the use of the next system. This learn-as-you-go process would be a natural approach for such an amateur effort.

      The means of manufacturing the system includes parts and tools that one could purchase at a hardware store or those found in an average garage shop. Tools such as a small lathe with an integral milling machine (available via mail-order at a cost about $2,000), drill press, and general garage tools should be all that were needed, nothing exotic.

      The effort would likely be started with the small briefcase-sized unit. It could use automobile ignition parts and a camcorder ni-cad battery for the power supply. It might use a small dish antenna bought mail-order and some parts picked up at a surplus store. The total cost of such a unit would be about $300 and it could be built in about one week. The development behind its design could be accomplished by doing some basic experiments with stun-guns or other high voltage components found in surplus stores, automotive shops, and parts from a “well equipped electronics junk box”. The unit could easily be tested at close range to the type of computers and hardware found in any home office and if it caused some ill effect, then the terrorist would have proven the effectiveness of the system. Success with step 1.

      The next step would be to refine the technology and increase the voltage and the repetition frequency. An advanced design might use a 6-foot TV dish antenna that could be bought mail-order (for $200) and it might use a more advanced spark-gap unit than was used in the earlier model. Such learn-as-you-go is a natural process in the design of spark-gaps.

      Such a unit using a larger antenna (a mail-order 12-foot TV dish), when finished would look like a simple TV dish system and it (or many like it) could be mounted such that it could easily be pointed at over-flying aircraft.

      In support of the information presented in this testimony and taking advantage of the winter’s need to work indoors, a unit that uses oil spark-gaps was designed, built, and tested. The materials for it were mail-ordered at a cost of about $500 and about one week was needed to fabricate the mechanical hardware. It use two ignition coils and a battery for power, an automobile fuel pump and filter for the oil circulation, and commonly available transformer oil. An additional week was required to work out all of the electrical wiring, the oil lines, and the general finishing details. This unit was ready for testing in two weeks after starting the effort.

      The signal radiated from the unit was measured and found to be a very significant power level that can be compared against available vulnerability and susceptibility levels of military equipment. When the weather permits, this unit will be tested against a set of infrastructure targets at an official test range. From the measurements and known signal levels, this unit is expected to be consistently deadly to many types of infrastructure items at ranges suitable for terrorist usage.

      This quickly-developed low-cost system could easily be placed in a small van and used in a parking lot or directed at buildings that the van was driven past. It is highly likely that this type of device would be a very effective terrorist system and the findings of its design could be factored into another either a larger, higher powered device, or a more advanced design each with significantly greater effectiveness.

      The net result of all of this design, experimentation, fabrication and measurement proves that such a weapon system could be made by anyone with an engineering degree or even a bright technician with good hardware experience. The technical information required can be found in open sources, if not just from good common engineering sense. The materials needed are nothing special and if the effort is made, advanced concepts can be made using everyday hardware such as automotive ignition systems. The testing to date has been very limited but the results of this testing have provided considerable insight to just what is vulnerable in infrastructure systems. This insight and work leads to a firm opinion that a terrorist would have little trouble developing such technology and that he would have a high probability of success in the use as an RF weapon against our infrastructure elements found in any city or near facilities around the country.

      This work has been done within the proper security guidelines since:

  1. The models made in my home laboratory/workshop used off-the-shelf materials and open-source references.
  2. The laboratory tests of this hardware were made in a controlled environment with the proper security in place.
  3. The results of these tests, the data capabilities, and the target set identities are kept in a facility cleared for classified storage.
  4. The development of any of this hardware is reported on a regular basis to those with whom I relate at a classified level to assure that they are informed of the work and are able to apply this to their interests and efforts if necessary. Any of this hardware can be used by them for any determination of utility to military interests.

      Work in this area will be continued and an aggressive test and evaluation of these “back yard” techniques and methods will be accomplished. This process will be done in cooperation, and if requested, under the direction of agencies with an interest in this non-military weapon related process. The author of this report will, if requested, provide to the Committee further details at a classified level in the proper security environment.

Statement of Dr. Ira W. Merritt
Chief, Concepts Identification and Applications Analysis Division
Advanced Technology
Directorate, Missile Defense and Space Technology Center
U. S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command before the Joint Economic Committee United States Congress Wednesday, February 25, 1998

“Proliferation and Significance of Radio Frequency Weapons Technology”


      Thank you for your invitation and for this opportunity to offer testimony to the Joint Economic Committee regarding the proliferation of radio frequency (RF) weapons technology and its significance to the operability of our high value assets. I am employed by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, but some of the opinions and conclusions expressed are based upon my own past experiences and observations and are not necessarily those of the Army.

      I am from the Advanced Technology Directorate (ATD) of the Missile Defense and Space Technology Center, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command. One of our principal responsibilities is to develop innovative and advanced technologies for application to Army projects, joint missile defense projects and other programs of national importance. In particular, ATD evaluates the capabilities of technologies, including radio frequency weapon technologies, to establish their significance to the operability of our sophisticated electronics. Our interest in RF weapon technologies has increased in the last several years as a result of:

  • Rapid advances in RF sources and antennas
  • Increased interest by other countries, and groups, in RF weapons and RF mitigation
  • Increased susceptibility to microwaves of miniature solid state electronics
  • Insights from our travel to Russia and from ongoing technical exchanges with Former Soviet Union scientists and co-workers in United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia.

      Our work with Russian scientists has been particularly useful in confirming that their approaches to technical problems are often very different from ours. Over the past several years we have visited laboratories developing directed energy weapon technologies, pulsed power systems, high power microwave technologies, high power lasers, and space-based neutral particle beams. In 1992, we visited the Moscow Radio Technical Institute, which was developing high-power microwave (HPM) sources and which had a large test facility for performing susceptibility and effects measurements. In 1994, we visited the Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute in Ukraine, where they were developing: high power microwave sources, such as the magnetically insulated linear oscillator (MILO); neutral particle beam sources; prime power systems; and where they were also performing susceptibility and effects tests. The MILO was invented in the U.S., but we discontinued work on it in the late 1980s. The Soviet Union (SU) picked up the technology and successfully continued its development. Russia also exploited the magnetocumulative generator (MCG) as an explosively driven power supply. The MCG was developed by Dr. Andrei Sakharov in the SU and the Russians have used MCG power supplies extensively to drive ultra wideband (UWB) and HPM sources, lasers, and railguns. In 1995 we visited: the Kurchatov Institute to discuss laser and high current problems, the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute to discuss high voltage technology, Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute in St. Petersburg to discuss ultra fast switches, and the Institute of Problems of Electrophysics, also in St. Petersburg, to discuss pulse power and plasma technologies. My comments in the rest of this testimony are based upon the results of visits to Russian laboratories, visits to other countries, continued scientific contacts, research reports from contracts, some test results and open source literature.


History: It has long been a concern in the scientific community that Soviet scientists led the world in development of RF weapon technologies. This concern was heightened in 1994 when Gen. Loborev, Director of the Central Institute of Physics and Technology in Moscow, distributed a landmark paper at the EUROEM Conference in Bordeaux, France. In this paper Dr. A. B. Prishchepenko, the Russian inventor of a family of compact explosive driven RF munitions, described how RF munitions might be used against a variety of targets including land mines, sea skimming missiles, and communications systems1, 2, 3. He further popularized these munitions with articles in Russian naval journals and in other professional journals and magazines4.

      The Soviet Union had a large and diverse RF weapons program and remnants of this work continue today within FSU countries. The scope and results of the Soviet program are poorly understood, but ATD personnel have been at the forefront of efforts to gather information and to understand it5 and its accomplishments through Windows on Science and contracts for R&D effort. Our principal objective is to understand requirements and to identify technologies applicable for RF mitigation. Nevertheless, large uncertainties still exist concerning the status of RF weapon development and associated efforts to mitigate their effects on electronics. In spite of these uncertainties, it is clear that many nations continue to aggressively pursue the development of RF weapons and techniques to mitigate their effects6.

Proliferation: Worldwide interest in RF weapons has increased dramatically in the last several years. The collapse of the Soviet Union is probably the most significant factor contributing to this increase in attention and concern about proliferation. A recent study of open source literature dealing with RF weapons6 clearly documented the worldwide interest in RF weapon technologies and my testimony is offered in the context of these conclusions. A few of the report’s key judgments were that:

  1. “…construction of effective explosively-driven Flux Compression Generator devices is entirely feasible for established military powers such as Russia, China, France, Germany, et cetera,…”
  2. “There is no confirmed evidence of employment of such a device to date … available in open sources”.
  3. “Modern Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology, on which most of our critical national infrastructures depend, unless deliberately protected or “hardened”, is extremely vulnerable to even low–power electromagnetic pulses…”
  4. “…it is well understood that the US is disproportionately more vulnerable to RF attack than are less developed nations.”

      Specific examples of interest in RF weapons and the proliferation of this technology follow. The French Gramat Research Center has dedicated significant assets to study the effects of electromagnetic energy on electronics and in 1989 Thompson CSF published brochures in which they stated that they were developing RF weapons7. A 21 January, 1998 newspaper article in the Swedish newspaper SVESNSKA DAGBLADET8 reported that the Swedish National Defense Research Institute purchased a Russian “suitcase bomb” that uses high power microwaves to “knock out” computers and destroy all electronics within the radius of its “detonation”. The article also reported that this device is being sold commercially and that it has been sold to the Australian military. The price was reported to be several hundred thousand Kroner, or about $100,000. Mr. Carlo Kopp, an Australian professor, who claims to have had a relationship with their military, has his own web site ( and has provided detailed papers on the alleged effects of RF weapons and sketches of design concepts9. A simple search on the Internet recently identified 95 websites that referenced Mr. Kopp’s work. These included 16 sites in the U.S. and 18 sites in other countries, not including Australia. The Internet is becoming a significant factor in enhancing the interest in RF weapons.

Waveforms and Susceptibility: State of the art semiconductors are becoming more vulnerable to the effects of radio frequency energy as semiconductor features become smaller and smaller10, 11, 12. Commercial microelectronics make heavy use of metal oxide semiconductor devices which fail when subjected to voltages that exceed the dielectric strength of the component or when the device melts as a result of heating from currents induced by the RF pulse.

      High-power microwave and ultra wideband signals differ in their pulse length and frequency content (Figure 1). HPM sources produce short, very high power, narrowband pulses, often billions of watts (gigawatts) in billionths of a second (nanoseconds). If HPM waveforms are in-band, they can efficiently couple energy into the target and energy is available to disrupt or to cause damage to sensitive “front door” components that are connected to antennas. However if the HPM frequency is not in-band, the energy must enter through a “back door” and coupling to the target is generally poor. In this case, much less energy enters the target to disrupt or to cause damage. UWB sources generate a much wider band of frequencies than do HPM sources, and thus ensure that some energy is at a frequency to efficiently couple to the target. However, since the energy is spread across a wider band, the power spectral density is lower and the amount of energy available in a waveband is also much lower. As a result, an UWB device is more likely to disrupt than to destroy a target, except at very close range. Many UWB sources can be repetitively pulsed and therefore can continue to disrupt the target as long as the source is functioning and within effective range. Many systems tend to be susceptible to disruption or damage at specific, sometimes unpredictable, frequencies. As a result, UWB weapons are well suited to exploit these susceptibilities, since they produce significant energy over a wide range of frequencies. This area has been aggressively researched by the Soviet Union, Russia, and others.

      Extensive work has been conducted to understand the effects of high-altitude nuclear EMP (HEMP) on systems and components, but these data are mostly for frequencies less than 1 GHz and for pulse widths in the range from 50 nsec to 1usec. The shorter pulses characteristic of HPM and UWB waveforms are significant because current methods for protecting electronics from HEMP, and other anticipated sources of disruption, will not be effective against pulses from RF weapons. High-altitude nuclear EMP does not have significant energy above a few tens of megahertz, whereas HPM spectra are typically in the few gigahertz to tens of gigahertz range and UWB spectra may contain energy in the frequency range from hundreds of megahertz to a few gigahertz. There is extensive information on the effects of lightning and nuclear EMP on electronic devices, but these pulses are significantly longer than the pulses from HPM and UWB sources. Since HPM and UWB pulses tend to be shorter than the response times of most limiters, their RF energy can pass largely unattenuated into the target and cause upset or damage before the limiter can turn on. Tests over the last 10 years have produced data on component responses to pulse widths in the range from 1 to 50 nsec. However little information is available that describes electronic responses for incident pulses having sub-nanosecond pulsewidths. Testing is needed to establish effects of the following general waveforms: very short (nanosecond and sub-nanosecond) single pulses, multiple closely-spaced very-short pulses, and long (millisecond) pulses.

      Much of the existing effects data is from direct drive tests. Such tests produce the most repeatable indication of whether or not the pulse in question will upset or damage the device being tested. However these tests do not help clarify the issue of whether or not the RF waveform in question will actually couple through the walls, openings, filters, cables, and wires that separate components at risk from the external environment. This uncertainty creates a situation in which even the best analysis must be based upon significant assumptions. As a result, our commercial and military systems may be much more, or much less, susceptible to upset or damage than we now assume. As a result, characterization of representative components and circuits and the effects of physical configurations are badly needed for very short pulses.

      A 1996 paper by Bludov, et al12 from the Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute, Ukraine described HPM and UWB testing on electronic components and biological systems. The paper identified three levels of damage: temporary upset, permanent upset, and burnout. It appears that Ukraine has a systematic program to characterize the effects of HPM and UWB waveforms on electronic components.

Example Weapon Related Technologies

      RF weapon-related sources can be classified in several ways, including: HPM or UWB, pulsed or continuous, single shot or repetitively pulsed, and very short pulse (nanosecond) or long pulse (microsecond to millisecond). In addition, the electrical or explosive power source has a significant effect on the output characteristics of the device. For example, the explosive driven munitions described by Mr. Carlo Kopp and the RF munitions described by Dr. Prishchepenko are single shot devices that convert the chemical energy of high explosives first into magnetic energy, then into electrical energy and finally into microwave energy. This multi-step conversion of energy is inherently inefficient, but explosives are very compact sources of energy, modern electronics are not very robust to external sources of energy, and the intent is to place the source/weapon as close to the target as possible. Electrically driven devices have fewer energy conversion steps, but typically they are larger and produce less power per pulse.

Electrically Driven Devices: The electrically driven (non-explosive) devices require an external power supply and energy storage system, which often leads to larger and less self-contained systems than can be produced by explosive-driven approaches. However, two recent technologies that minimize this limitation are the solid state pulsers developed at Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute in St. Petersburg and the RADAN system. These devices are quite compact and can be powered by small hand-carried energy sources.

      Pulsers developed at Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute are based upon very fast (nanosecond and picosecond) solid state “on” and “off” switches developed by Prof. Igor Grekhov and Dr. Alexi Kardo-Syssoev. These switches have recently been used to generate 10 nanosecond, 10 KHz pulses for a prototype ground penetrating sensor that is now being used commercially in St. Petersburg (Figure 2). This 10 kg portable sensor is said to be used routinely to image to depths of 200 meters with an accuracy of 1% of the depth and it is claimed to be able to image down to 1000 meters with slightly lower resolution13. Jammers based upon these switches can be made small enough to fit into a briefcase. A recent version is said to weigh 6.5 kg and to deliver fields of 30 kV per meter at 5 meters. This is comparable to high-altitude EMP (HEMP) field strength. An optimized version is said to deliver 100 kV per meter at 5 meters14, 15 and the pulse width and repetition rate can be tuned to have the maximum effect on the intended target.

      RADAN16 (Figure 3) is a compact high-current electron accelerator that is a little smaller than an attaché case and weighs about 8 kg with its rechargeable 12 volt battery power supply, but not including its antenna. RADAN can be used to stimulate several outputs including lasers, x-rays, wide band RF and high power microwaves that allow RADAN to be used as a jammer. RADAN output parameters are: total output power > 5 MW; repetition rate up to 1 kilohertz; pulse width about 2 nanoseconds; and output pulse bandwidth from 1 MHz to 5 GHz. A directional antenna has been developed and the developer has proposed that RADAN could be used to stop car engines and to destroy the electronic arming and firing circuits of bombs. Limited testing of RADAN has been conducted in the U.S. and it was found to affect calculators and electronic watches.

      The Russian built NAGIRA radar produces short powerful pulses with the following characteristics17: 10 GHz fixed frequency, 5 nanosecond pulse length, 300 MW peak power, 2 Joules per pulse, 150 Hz pulse repetition rate. NAGIRA was purchased by the UK Ministry of Defence and was delivered to Defence Research and Evaluation Agency (DERA) Frazer, near Portsmouth, in November 1995. Indications are that the UK will use NAGIRA to investigate detection of fast moving targets in sea clutter, to study electromagnetic–pulse penetration into equipment and to measure the effectiveness of front-end protection devices. During initial field trials near Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (Figure 4), NAGIRA was able to track a helicopter at more than 150 km range and at altitudes as low as 50 meters. We understand that because of electromagnetic interference (EMI) concerns, Russian helicopters were not allowed to operate within several miles of the radar when it was operating at full power.

Explosively Driven Devices: Compact explosive-driven radio frequency munitions (Figure 5) being developed by Russia have recently received a great deal of attention. These munitions are claimed to range in size from a hand grenade to a 155-mm artillery shell18 and the output may be either a HPM or an UWB pulse. Since these warheads are part of a projectile, they are intended to detonate very near their target, so fratricide is not a problem as it would be with HEMP.

      In June 1997, a U.S. measurements team led by the Advanced Technology Directorate participated in a joint series of measurements on radio frequency munitions (RFM) at a site near Nalchik, Russia5. The purpose of these tests was to verify Russian claims about the output of Dr. Prishchepenko’s compact explosively-driven RFM. The test results left Russian claims unconfirmed, since most U.S. measurement equipment was not allowed by Russian authorities to reach the test site and since Dr. Prishchepenko’s team claimed that the RFM that were tested radiated in a band that could not be measured with equipment at the site.

      ATD engineers continue to evaluate RF weapon technologies, to work closely with other countries, and to identify technologies that can be adopted for military applications and commercialization. We maintain relationships with other scientists through direct personal contact at conferences and site visits, through small research contracts, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State on International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and Science and Technology Center of the Ukraine (STCU) projects, and through the U.S. Air Force’s Windows on Science Program. ATD has been extremely effective in identifying and executing joint projects, such as the joint radio frequency munitions test in Russia and briefings on the solid state pulsers developed at the Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg. We are now working to bring the underground imaging sensor and its developers to the U.S. to test its ability to detect land mines. Solid state switches developed by the Ioffe Institute are now imported by a U.S. company that produces water purification equipment using Russian pulse power hardware. ATD has cooperated in hosting many scientists under the Windows on Science Program, including a scientist from Loughborough University in England, the only university that designs, tests, produces and markets inexpensive MCGs.

      Many source and antenna technologies can be used to produce devices with very different output characteristics. For example, Russia reports that its cylindrical shock wave source generates a single gigawatt pulse about a nanosecond long. However, susceptibility tests in the FSU and U.S. suggest that irradiating a target with a train of nanosecond pulses is more damaging than a single pulse, since multiple pulses lower the damage threshold of the target12. As a result, Russian emphasis has been on devices that produce a train of pulses. Some designs are said to generate 50 to 100 pulses, each about a nanosecond long, in a burst of pulses about 10 microseconds long18.

      The implications of this summary are that there is an increasing variety of equipment capable of generating very short RF pulses that are capable of disrupting sophisticated electronics. These pulses are not addressed by current design standards and will challenge existing front-end RF protection and other forms of EMI protection. New capabilities are needed to reject high-power, very-fast RF pulses and to minimize their effects on systems.

      We believe that common EMI and EMP mitigation techniques will not provide adequate protection against nanosecond and sub-nanosecond pulses from future radio frequency weapons, since active mitigation device response times are typically several nanoseconds to microseconds. Faster solid-state devices do not now have the high power capability needed to protect systems from RFW pulses.


      Several fundamental questions must be answered before we can adequately understand the potential risk that radio frequency weapons pose to our military forces and civilian infrastructure. These questions are:

“What are the current and expected capabilities of RF weapon technologies?” “What are the effects of these weapons on potential targets?” and “What is the likelihood that our systems will be exposed to RF weapons as a result of terrorism, conventional conflict, etc.?”

      As I have stated, Advanced Technology Directorate has initiated high payoff research and development efforts to understand RF weapons technologies and we have also begun to develop broadly applicable RF mitigation techniques that can ensure the operability of our high-value assets in the presence of stressing electronic warfare environments. Our emphasis is on development of near-term, low-cost capabilities that are applicable to a broad range of military and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics and that are relatively insensitive to the details of RF weapon output. We are achieving success in this effort and believe that superior results can be obtained by selectively involving a relatively small number of highly innovative and skilled researchers and that this can be done without a great commitment of funds. For example, one of our recent $100,000 research efforts provided test results that demonstrated the ability of a low-temperature sinterable liquid to reduce external RF fields by many orders of magnitude over a frequency range from a few megahertz to a few gigahertz. This low-cost material has broad military and commercial applications. It will greatly enhance our ability to use COTS electronics on the digital battlefield and to protect key elements of the national infrastructure.

      In my opinion, a more comprehensive risk mitigation effort should include the following tasks:

  • Characterize expected electromagnetic environments by analyzing and understanding rapidly advancing RF source and antenna technologies. A variety of RF sources have been identified that could be used in RF weapons and that produce environments that can challenge the operability of our systems. We should evaluate these technologies, assess their potential for weaponization, and provide information to guide hardening measures required to mitigate their effects. The results of this task should be:
    1. credible information on the output of electrically-driven and explosively-driven RF sources;
    2. much better understanding of the capability of the rest of the world to threaten the performance of our sophisticated electronic systems,
    3. much stronger technical basis on which to develop broadly effective and low-cost RF countermeasures.
  • Conduct tests to determine the effects of short pulse RF waveforms on representative electronic components, subsystems and systems. This task should establish the effects of anticipated radio frequency weapon waveforms on representative circuits to provide a basis for development of mitigation techniques for COTS and military electronics. It should test representative electronic circuits to RF weapon-like waveforms in a laboratory environment to better predict the coupling of RF energy into targets and to measure the effects on targets. The targets characterized should consist of representative classes of COTS and military electronics, i.e. commercial Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, radios, computers, satellite communication systems, components from tactical operations centers (TOCs), etc. This effort should leverage ongoing Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA) EMP and HPM mitigation activities, which address a part of this problem, and should jointly select synergistic items for testing. This will permit unique insights into the robustness of representative electronics to all types of RF disturbances. The target electronics should be tested in anechoic chambers available at several service facilities and should use appropriate RF sources to ensure repeatable waveforms at the appropriate power levels and with appropriate frequency content. The target electronics should be instrumented so that both the effects of the radiation and the method of coupling can be determined. These results will permit quantification of the specific performance/capability needed for each mitigation technique.
  • Use the results of effects tests to develop front-end limiters and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shields. This task should develop and quantify mitigation capabilities and implementation guidelines for low-cost, low insertion loss, miniature plasma limiters and low-cost, very light-weight films, filters, and software algorithms to reduce internal and external electromagnetic interference produced by either local/friendly emissions or high power hostile emissions. Since RF warfare and EMI spectra cover such a broad range of frequencies and power levels, several mitigation techniques will be required.
    • Traditional methods of EMI isolation often use metal enclosures to prevent unwanted radiation from entering the circuit. These shields provides effective protection, but they add weight and are not applicable to some newer systems that may use COTS with lightweight, nonmetallic enclosures that provide little or no EMI protection. Low-cost, light-weight RF isolation techniques are needed that can be cheaply applied to COTS and military equipment to significantly increase their ability to continuously operate on the electronic battlefield.
    • Analyses are now being performed on miniature plasma limiter front-end protection devices that are compatible with solid state manufacturing processes. Analysis will confirm the feasibility of a low-loss miniature plasma limiter and its essential parameters such as threshold electric fields, gas breakdown and recombination times. This device is intended to be installed in front of sensitive antenna and receiver elements to protect them from damage or disruption by incident high power RF signals.


      We cannot now precisely quantify the risk presented by radio frequency weapons, but we know that the risk is growing. I believe that we can respond to this risk by developing near-term, low-cost, broadly-applicable mitigation techniques. These techniques can greatly reduce our susceptibility to radio frequency weapon environments and thereby reduce the risk to our technological superiority that is essential to our military and economic preeminence.

      I again thank the Committee for the opportunity to appear and to comment on the proliferation of radio frequency weapons and their significance to our critical infrastructures.


ATDAdvanced Technology Directorate
CSWSCylindrical Shock Wave Source
COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf
DSWADefense Special Weapons Agency
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
FCCFederal Communication Commission
FSUFormer Soviet Union
GPSGlobal Positioning System
HEMPHigh Altitude EMP
HPMHigh Power Microwave
ISTCInternational Science and Technology Center
MCGMagnetocumulative Generator
MILOMagnetically Insulated Linear Oscillator
NNEMPNon-Nuclear EMP
RFRadio Frequency
RFMRadio Frequency Munition
STCUScience and Technology Center Ukraine
SUSoviet Union
TOCTactical Operations Center
UWBUltra Wide Band


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Statement of Dr. R. Alan Kehs Army Research Lab before the Joint Economic Committee United States Congress Wednesday, February 25, 1998

“The Radio Frequency Weapons Threat and Proliferation of Radio Frequency Weapons”

      Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, I thank you for the opportunity to help shed some light on the widely ignored topics that you have chosen for these hearings. I have spent most of the last twenty years working on various radio frequency weapons technologies and I am currently serving as chair of the tri-service High Power Microwave (HPM) technology coordination panel.

      In general, our security classification guide prevents us from discussing anything but the most generic concepts and severely limits the depth of discussion if we remain at the unclassified, full public release level. It is not deemed to be in our best interests to provide details on our programs or roadmaps to weapons development that might assist rogue states, terrorists and others who would eventually wish to use these weapons against us.

      However, one does not need to rely on classified reports in order to appreciate the potential impact of radio frequency weapons (RFW) or as they are frequently called, HPM weapons. Everyone in this room has undoubtedly experienced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to some piece of household electronics. Some common examples are the effects of lightning strikes or automotive ignition noise on radio transmission, placing two computers too close to one another on a bench, driving under power lines while trying to listen to the radio, and so forth.

      A step up from these minor inconveniences is the warning that we hear each time we take off or land in an airplane. We all wonder “can a Gameboy or calculator really cause serious problems to the airplane electronics?” The answer, of course, is that a Gameboy, calculator or cellular telephone is not usually sufficient to disrupt airplane electronics, but it can happen. As a result, we adopt a policy of “better safe than sorry” and shut down electronics during the more critical take off and landing segments of commercial air flights. We have now asked the question “How much power does it take to create problems?” Realistically, these questions cannot be answered at the unclassified, full public release level. More subtly, the question becomes “At what point do common civilian electronic devices become weapons?”

      Let us shift now from the low power levels (microwatts and milliwatts) of gameboys and cellular telephones to the very high power levels (megawatts) of commercially available radar systems, TV transmitters, and particle accelerator tubes. This is the platform from which HPM weapons programs would be based.

      Conceptually, an HPM weapon looks like a radio transmitter. There is a power source, a tube to generate RF energy, and an antenna to radiate the energy appropriately. The key technologies and final products have been under development for the greater part of this century and are readily available on a broad range of markets. In the Army, we make extensive use of surplus radar and radio equipment.

      Military electronics generally contain some electromagnetic shielding and protection devices — even if they are not specifically designed to withstand an HPM attack. Commercial designers are generally concerned only with FCC limits on EMI and no one knows how susceptible commercial electronic systems might be to a concerted electronic attack. These commercial systems include our banking and telecommunications systems as well as oil and gas distribution and transportation systems, among others. Although these systems are designed to withstand the loss of a critical node, a concerted attack would cause unknown effects.

      HPM technologies appear on the critical technologies list. However, the required special approvals have not slowed the transfer of increasingly powerful and sophisticated HPM technologies to overseas buyers.

      The intelligence community will have to address the threat issues but I believe that they will find existing technology is more than sufficient to support several potential applications and threat scenarios.

      The growing US dependence on sophisticated electronics for warfighting and domestic infrastructure makes us potentially vulnerable to electronic attack. By its nature, the Defense Department is compelled to confront such threats, however, the full range of our technological society is also at risk and much less aware of potential threats. I pray that congress will help all of its agencies and departments to appreciate the increasing seriousness of the questions raised here today and take appropriate actions to evaluate threats and construct appropriate defensive measures.


Statement by Lieutenant General Robert L. Schweitzer U.S. Army (Retired) before the
Joint Economic Committee United States Congress June 17, 1997

Radio Frequency Weapons and the Infrastructure

      I have been asked to talk to the overall subject of your hearing from a somewhat different perspective. Initially, it was to be from the one of what technology transfer means to a soldier. That part would have been fairly simple to address. Field soldiers are too busy to think much, if at all, about such transfers. That is, until they run across them on a battlefield where U.S. technology or materiel is being used against them. That happened in World War II when the residue of simpler technologies in the form of scrap metal was employed against us in the Pacific. It happened in Vietnam when some of our weaponry was obtained by our adversary. It happened again in Desert Storm when we ran across containers of U.S. materiel in the hands of Saddam Hussein’s soldiers, materiel which had been channeled through Jordan. Then the fleeting reaction is one of anger and “why?” But soldiers–placed as they are since the time of the Roman legions in the sand, mud, rain and snow to fight decisive battles–are really too busy to brood much about such things. They are, however, grateful when Congress acts ahead of time to bar technology transfers, not only the simple ones of which I speak but the more serious, albeit subtle ones, which can affect the outcome of battles and wars.

      Today there is a new class of radically new and important radio frequency weapons (RFW) which merits your attention as it emerges. And in this case, the horse is out of the barn. Transfers have occurred and are occurring. Equally true, however, is the fact that there are things that can be done to protect our nation, which is the underlying objective of today’s hearing. Certainly one of these things is to recognize that export control documents, particularly the Militarily Critical Technologies List, needs to be reviewed to determine if radio frequency technologies should be considered in the same careful way we do nuclear technologies. I respectfully suggest that this is the case; stronger controls are needed. One example is Reltron tubes which went to a friendly nation, one who sells products widely–sometimes to nations who do not like us. These tubes, which can be small or large, generate intense radio frequency pulses and can be used as RF weapons.

      Before we go further I wish to state clearly for you and for the public record that I do not speak for the Department of Defense, for any military service or any government agency. I come before you only as one who has researched this area for the past year and is writing a White Paper on the subject, one which will be offered to DoD for their use and disposition.

      Some of you may know about radio frequency weapons, where they came from, what they can do and what the implications are.

      Although there are a number of groups and individuals concerned with this subject, I have found that somewhat paradoxically the word has not really gotten out in Washington itself. Despite the existence of a Presidential commission, an Infrastructure Protection Task Force, a Critical Infrastructure Working Group, an Information Warfare School at the National Defense University, and other working groups, to include divisions on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, as well as a few very dedicated and brilliant mid-level people in DoD, a general understanding is lacking. This is true not only of RFW, but of their immediate threat to our DoD and national infrastructure. Indeed the term “infrastructure” is so amorphous that it lacks impact if not meaning. One of our first tasks will be to define what is the military and economic infrastructure and what in it is susceptible and vulnerable to RF weapons.

      Some 90 to 100 references in 26 pages of the 70-page Quadrennial Defense Review speak to this new threat, but only to a discerning reader; the name for the class is not used. On the other hand, a recent search of the Internet found 2,400 to 2,800 references, while yet another, more thorough search found many tens of thousands of documents where the key words “radio frequency weapons” appear. Some very good people have written books and articles on the subject, the first revealing article known to me appeared in 1987 in the Atlantic Monthly, but for many reasons the knowledge is diffused. In the public sector the subject has yet to draw any real attention or concerted action.

      To help set the stage, recognize with experts like a former NSA Director that we are the most vulnerable nation on earth to electronic warfare. This thought is echoed by a former CIA Deputy Director, and a former Deputy Attorney General who forecast that we will have an electronic Pearl Harbor if we do not accept a wake up call. Our vulnerability arises from the fact that we are the most advanced nation electronically and the greatest user of electricity in the world.

      On the military side, as in the civilian sector, our current superiority is based on microelectronics. To prevail against us, an adversary must cripple, destroy or deny access to those same microelectronics. Can an adversary do so? Very likely, as this hearing will bring out. All of our military doctrine assumes extensive use of sophisticated electronics and communication systems to ensure information dominance and overwhelming battlefield success. As is the case with our civilian infrastructure and economy, our current dependence is large and will continue to grow. Because our battlefield success and the well being of our civilian economy–with which this committee is especially charged–-are so dependent upon the effectiveness of our microelectronic-based systems, we should fully understand any technology that might be used to defeat our systems. This is particularly true of the newly emerging threat of radio frequency weapons. And even more importantly, we must develop countermeasures before such weapons are used against us.

      Before going further, let me explain what these weapons are, where the Russian work has gone since 1949 and the applications of these weapons. If you are interested–as I believe you will be–you may wish to bring before you successive panels of our own leading scientists and experts. I have talked to many of them, heard them make presentations at conferences, and read their articles and books. I will be pleased to provide your staff with names of those who could provide this or other committees with a better understanding. I am also willing to assist in any way that might be helpful.

      First of all, an RF weapon is one that uses intense pulses of RF energy to destroy (“burnout”) or degrade (“upset”) the electronics in a target. These weapons can be employed on a narrow beam over a long distance to a point target. They are also able to cover broad targets. They are categorized as high power microwave (HPM) weapons and ultra wide band (UWB) weapons.

      The phrase non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse is sometimes used, because these weapons, which are indeed non-nuclear, project the same type of pulse we first learned of in conjunction with nuclear weapons. As a practical matter, a piece of electronic gear on the ground, in a vehicle, ship or plane does not really care whether it is hit by a nuclear magnetic pulse or a non-nuclear one. The effect is the same. It burns out the electronics. The same is true of the computers in this Senate office building, in industry, or on Wall Street.

      There is another way these weapons can be delivered to a target, military or civilian. Here the term RF munitions, or RFM is used. Yet these too are properly called RF weapons. These small munitions contain high explosives that produce radio frequency energy as their primary kill mechanism. In the hands of the skilled Russian scientists, these munitions come as hand grenades, mortar rounds, or large artillery shells or missiles. Generally, they produce a short but very intense pulse. While not yet fully understood and with some uncertainties argued as to their capabilities, many scientists are convinced the weapons actually exist. Without making any claims as to what they can do, I offer the following list from open source FSU literature of some nine smaller RF munitions or weapons:

  • Magnetohydrodynamic Generator Frequency (MHDGF)
  • Explosive Magnetic Generator of Frequency (EMGF)
  • Implosive Magnetic Generator of Frequency (IMGF)
  • Cylindrical Shock Wave Source (CSWS)
  • Spherical Shock Wave Source (SSWS)
  • Ferromagnetic Generator of Frequency (FMGF)
  • Superconductive Former of Magnetic Field Shock Wave (SFMFSW)
  • Piezoelectric Generator of Frequency (PEGF)
  • Superconducting Ring Burst Generator (SCRBG)

      Some of these weapons are said by the Russians to be now available as a hand grenade, a briefcase-like object, a mortar or artillery round.

      Applications or potential targets (like those of the larger High Power Microwave weapons) would include all military computers, circuit boards, or chips, of any description, and include the following key components of our military and national infrastructure. They would have equal impact on civilian targets with the advantage less power would be required. Recall that the term “infrastructure” lacks clear meaning, but would include things like:

  • The national telecommunications systems
  • The national power grid
  • The national transportation system, to include especially the FAA but also such simple things as our traffic lights (with consequent gridlock)
  • The mass media
  • Oil and gas control and refining
  • Manufacturing processing, inventory control, shipment and tracking
  • Public works
  • Civil emergency service
  • Finance and banking systems (to include bank’s ability to dispense cash)

      This list of potentially vulnerable targets could and should be extended to include airplanes, ships, vehicles and the like. Of interest is the fact that we are doubly vulnerable because we are, and will remain, in an era of dual use of military and civilian systems. For example, 90% of our military communications now passes over public networks. If an electromagnetic pulse takes out the telephone systems, we are in deep double trouble because our military and non-military nets are virtually inseparable. It is almost equally impossible to distinguish between the U.S. national telecommunications network and the global one. What this means is that it is finally becoming possible to do what Sun Tzu wrote about 2000 years ago: to conquer an enemy without fighting. The paradigm of war may well be changing. If you can take out the civilian economic infrastructure of a nation, then that nation in addition to not being able to function internally cannot deploy its military by air or sea, or supply them with any real effectiveness–if at all.

      Since 1949, the intense interest of the former Soviet Union in developing these weapons appears to have resulted from their recognition that they could not match the capability of Western electronics, and their belief that RFW have the potential to be effective against our sophisticated electronics. It is far less clear to me and to others why they are willing to transfer and proliferate the RF technologies they have developed so carefully and so well, but that they are clearly doing so. Should you wish, a future hearing by this or another committee could go into more detail.

      President Yeltsin proposed to President Clinton a joint program for a “plasmoid defense” against ICBM’s. While it is unclear to many scientists what President Yeltsin meant, such a defense, if attainable, might presumably set up a shield which would ionize the atmosphere and cause missiles to fail. Official Russian journals and publications show keen interest and provide many details about these weapons. A great amount of information is flowing continuously from three former Soviet Republics on their past and current programs.

      We do know that the reduction in military spending by the FSU and many Western nations is prompting the defense industries of many countries to offer advanced weaponry to foreign customers to further their own research, development and industrial capabilities. This trend is almost certain to grow over the next 10 years.

      From unclassified sources, we know that Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, China, Australia and France are well ahead in this field, while Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel are emerging and have ample details of the Russian work and of the proceedings of more than 20 years of international conferences. Without going into any classified matters one may reasonably infer that the pariah nations have similar interests and some certainly have the financial resources to develop or procure RF weapons.

      Russian and FSU information on RFW has been moving across borders for many years. International conferences beginning in 1949 have been a principal source of technology transfer. Scientists here and abroad have long exchanged papers, letters and, with increasing frequency, telephone calls.

  • The first Megagaussing Conference on the generation of high power electromagnetic pulses took place in 1949 in Frascati, Italy. Russian scientists were key players in what has become a long series of presentations on the generation of electromagnetic power. Present at this and many subsequent conferences was the U.S. inventor of RF weapons, Dr. Max Fowler. His picture was placed over the center of the Moscow desk of one of his Russian counterparts who is a leader in the Russian development of the smaller version of these weapons. The latter is a key figure in the offer to sell RFW and RFM or their technologies to others.
  • EUROEM Conferences have been meeting (with name changes) for perhaps some 20 years at about two-year intervals. At the 1994 conference which was held in Bordeaux, France, the Russians made public many details of their long work in these weapons. Some of their papers deal with the strategy, tactics and techniques for the use of offensive RF weapons. Among nations participating were Iran and Iraq. At this conference the Russians talked about selling their technology and weapons to prospective buyers. I am told that subsequently a large number of nations have engaged them in some form of negotiations. Some of these “buyers” raise legitimate concerns.
  • The BEAMS conference (with name changes) has been meeting about every two years since 1975.
  • The EUROEM Conference met in Albuquerque in 1996; the BEAMS Conference met that same year, I believe in Prague. Attendance was open to all nations.
  • The next EUROEM and BEAMS conferences will meet in 1998 in the Middle East, two weeks apart in Tel Aviv and Haifa, respectively.
  • An International Pulse Power Conference held their tenth conference under that name in 1995, but has existed under other names for a longer period of time.
  • The International Particle Accelerator Conference has also met for more than 20 years.
  • The American Physical Society has a Plasma Physics Division which hosted (for more than 20 years) many conferences. Usually each one has several sessions on microwave generation.
  • And there are more. . .

      Understanding the number, frequency and long standing nature of these conferences, you can perhaps better appreciate why I earlier said that the horse is out of the barn. Of interest, too, is the role of the United States in these conferences. Indisputably, the U.S. is the scientific powerhouse of the world. We have initiated and hosted a number of these conferences, funded many of them to a significant degree, and played a prominent role at all. While we gain some information, our scientists will readily acknowledge the net advantage is always to other attendees.

      Put another way, from a narrow technology transfer standpoint we have thus far lost more than we gained. However, even prior to the Internet no one could control the flow of ideas, especially among scientists. They like to talk especially about what they have achieved, and how they solve theoretical and practical problems. For decades our scientists have found their Russian counterparts to be brilliant, dedicated and creative. Personal relations are important and some have developed, but they are exceptional. For the most part the Russians have been ambiguous about their great work and often are mistrustful of Americans. We should move to change that by closer and warmer contacts as well as by efforts to enter into joint ventures–with all the travails that accompany such efforts. The Russians are intensely interested in our comments and some professional appreciation by their scientific peers of their decades of work on the offensive use of RF weapons. In my humble opinion they would prefer to work with our own distinguished scientists rather than others, but will sell their technology and products to others. I believe there is a real potential for joint ventures which could serve to constrain to some degree the proliferation of these weapons, especially to those who would do us harm.

      To return to the earlier point about the need for better controls of technology transfer, consider these two counterpoints which illustrate the problem:

  • First: Although RF weapon components are on the Critical Technologies List, there are no up to date DoD guidelines or directives on this subject. An attempt to do so was made two years ago when little was known about the subject. As a consequence, decisions within the U.S. scientific community are becoming harder and dicier to make. There is a lack of clear policy guidance and direction.
  • Second: The first point is illustrated by the transfer of the Reltron microwave tubes. These tubes, which generate radio frequency power, cost a great deal of money to produce and test. The U.S. is the leader in high-power tubes and their associated power systems, but the market is really thin. Our tube industry has no current buyers here in the U.S. Without major contracts from foreign countries (France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Israel, among others), our tube industry will die. We will lose contact with real customers and become dependent on foreign hardware for our systems. Ultimately we will increase the difficulties that must be overcome to develop HPM applications for any future DoD use. Almost certainly we would know less–almost nothing–about what was going on in this area. For their part the Europeans and others would not cease to procure; they would simply undertake their own development. So our high power microwave scientific community told the State Department on balance to approve the transfer, which State did. Inevitably one consequence will be to advance the work of others and ultimately the production of RF devices to be used wherever and however by whomever. Note well, however: there is no guarantee that friendly countries will not sell the devices they produce to unfriendly, even hateful people.

      It would also appear that there are other proliferation and transfer concerns of interest to this committee, simply because there is so much accurate how-to-do information in the open literature and on the Internet. Several countries have RFW programs and Russia says it has sold some technologies to these countries. At least one of these countries has acknowledged such a transfer. The crux of the difficulty in controlling these transfers is best illustrated by the fact that High Power Microwave weapons look like ordinary radars. With a dish or horn antenna, and a van with a power source, an RFW would look like a new, used or renovated radar. Used ones are offered for sale today in military surplus and commercial catalogs. Other catalogs offer for sale the components to put together lower power, but also very low cost items, that once assembled could be used effectively against the infrastructure.

      Users of the new weapons can be criminals, individuals or organized gangs of narco or domestic terrorists–or a determined, organized, well-funded foreign adversary, either a group or nation who hates us.

      The Russians, as noted, led with this work starting in 1949 with theory. By 1961, they were doing research, as documented in their numerous unclassified scientific articles. Experiments began in the seventies and proceeded to testing as described in their publications. Many of these weapons appeared in written descriptions, some photographs and diagrams in the nineties. Strategy, doctrine, tactics and techniques are all laid out in rather clear form. Please note all of this is unclassified information.

      There is a legitimate question about the intelligence aspect of all of this. Our intelligence community largely proceeds on the operating principle followed in the Cold War: A threat is not validated until it is fielded. Well and good; hard evidence is essential.

      But the question may fairly be asked: does that principle serve us well in the present day? Suppose we were to take a Russian or FSU-designed weapon, fabricate it in the U.S. and test it here. If the results were to meet the standards of performance and capabilities now claimed by the Russians, would we then have a validated threat? The answer to the capabilities may be forthcoming this month because at an unclassified level one of our national labs is doing just that. Another lab has purchased cheap, off the shelf components and will test its lower power device this month. Their engineers and I believe it will indeed work against infrastructure and light military targets.

      There is a great deal of other corroborating evidence which at least argues for the existence–which is still disputed in some quarters–of these weapons: one minor one is an International Institute for the Prevention of Offensive RF Weapons, located in Philadelphia. Why such an institute if there are no such things? Evidence as to the capabilities of the weapons may be found in such recent statements as China’s declared intention to purchase three RF weapons derived from the Russian technology. Another is the series of reliably reported discussions within the IRA of their intention to seek RF weapons for use against the London financial system in lieu of bombs and explosives. Consider, too, the recent statement by Sweden they have used these devices in experiments to stop cars at 100 yards, as well as their reported claim that RF weapons have been used against their financial institutions. A similar but much disputed statement has been reported by the London Times concerning British financial and banking institutions. The Los Angeles Police Department had done some successful work with vehicles in the interests of public safety and to halt fleeing suspects. Advantages of the larger high power microwave RF weapons include:

  • Low cost per engagement
  • All weather
  • Instantaneous engagement times
  • Simplified pointing and tracking
  • Possible to engage multiple targets
  • Deep magazines–simplified logistics (can “fire” or pulse as long as there is power in the generator)
  • Non-lethal to humans when properly adjusted
  • Well suited to covert operations because of lack of signature; deniability
  • Not able to detect attacks; silent when used without explosive devices

The RFM offer many of the same advantages, offset only by the sound of the explosion that detonates them and produces the rise in pulse energy.

Unless we choose to be, we are not without courses of action. Some of these could be explored at a future hearing. Some preliminary thoughts are offered today:

  • We either fully understand nor control this technology.
  • We have not begun to work on defenses , especially for our vulnerable infrastructure.
  • We need to first scope the problem, determine susceptibilities and vulnerabilities, then test.
  • All of this, to include any appropriate hardening of existing components, will take many years.
  • There are other courses of corrective action, but all will take time to acquire and apply.
  • The first step might well be to bring forward our real RF experts in DoD and the scientific community who know what needs to be done.

We need to go at this problem with a step-by-step sensible approach. No budget buster is proposed. Even if Congress had ready funds, a grandiose national solution is not the way to go.

We can start by scoping the problem and then by applying some of the same low-cost components that are now used in the ever expanding information technologies. Examples are surge-like protectors, plasma limiters, diodes, and metal covers. Parallel or redundant systems are another technique.

We are good at managing risks. We should no longer hesitate to reduce the impact of the threat, or to give our intelligence community the guidance to open up (some would say revise) their approach to this problem. Clearly the United States Congress will play a key role in whatever we do, or choose not to do, and our top leadership should focus on the longer term. But we should begin now in a sensible, modest way.

Three things we want to keep foremost in mind:

  • Do not throw a lot of money at this problem. Funds don’t exist; the best solutions will have to be devised.
  • Do not tell DoD or the Services to take this out of their budgets. They are over stretched now and it would be wrong to tell them to pay for protection of the civilian infrastructure.
  • Do not continue to do what we have been doing and ignore the problem.

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Targeting

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Targeting

I have been asked to provide details of the non consensual experimentation that I have experienced. This is from my latest book …


When I describe the following I want you to think of not only nonconsensual experimentation but also of training exercises, because frankly nothing else makes sense. Who was I? A nobody. Why would anyone want to do this to me? Perhaps there was the angle of silencing an old MKUltra victim, perhaps the lords of England didn’t like me involved with their architectural heritage, perhaps I had witnessed too many strange deaths, perhaps I had business dealings with organized crime and didn’t even know it, perhaps someone didn’t like my nationality, or my religion, or my politics, perhaps someone wanted to sleep with me and I refused, perhaps my devotion to animal rescue made me suspicious, perhaps it was just simple depopulation and enforced communism .. I will never know the answer to this question …

When everybody in the town thought that I was crazy, a criminal or both the real fun began. I was hit by something that felt electrical, as if I was being shocked. It was very painful and caused me to overheat. My whole body felt burnt but especially my face and feet. It was during one of these events that I went to an emergency room. My face was beet red and it had been raining for weeks so it was not a sunburn. I thought that some kind of chemical was being thrown at me and I said so. They refused to give me a simple blood test to determine that. Instead they took my blood pressure and it was through the roof, in fact they wouldn’t let me leave until they brought it down. Now, I was not only on thyroid medication for life, a symptom that many targeted individuals share, but I would be taking blood pressure medication for life as well. Was someone like Big Pharma making money from engineered misery?

 Another time I felt suddenly dizzy while driving my car. I pulled off into a parking lot and passed out cold. Two hours later I woke up and went to an emergency room. My blood pressure was so low that I was setting off alarms. It was gradually normalized without explanation. Someone explain this to me. I could have been killed. Another time, the whole inside of my mouth was burnt. This is on record at my doctor’s office. She was so concerned that she sent me to a specialist but there was never a real diagnosis made, as I remember. Another mystery. I have photos of me waking up with a black eye, I have photos of holes burnt into my skin and bruises that I sustained in the middle of the night. I woke up one day feeling that I had been drugged and I found a scar on my right hand between the forefinger and thumb. That’s where authorities put tracking chips.

I had an MRI brain scan at one point in hopes of explaining the loud tinnitus in one ear. I was also getting headaches in the left temple area which seemed to precipitate an attack. I was also experiencing left eye drop and I actually saw a Facebook posting about it. There was a photo circulating of politicians and celebrities and they all had left eye drop like me. Oh my God. The MRI showed abnormalities when compared with normal MRIs online but no one said anything. I also got a report saying that I had unspecified metal fragments in my brain.

I was in between roommates waiting for the next person to move in and I was alone. I was viciously attacked with directed energy of some kind, and there was a pattern to it. Attacks to my heart would occur every night when I went to bed, attacks to my hearing would occur every day when I woke up … I was burnt on the chest every morning to awaken me … It was like clockwork and very precise. This would later be called Satanic Ritual Abuse, and according to my research, it’s a component of trauma based mind control.  Also, my teeth were being removed one by one. I would feel energy and pain on the side of my face and in the morning the tooth would be loose. This would happen until it fell out. Almost all of my top teeth were removed in this way. Many other victims have reported the same thing. Then I started noticing that the activists around me all had missing teeth. Oh my God. At this time I was waking up to the problem. It wasn’t just me going through this, it was hundreds and hundreds of people all across the country going through this. What on earth was going on?

I was doing a computer search one night using the term “chemical assault” and I tripped across the targeted individual community. There were thousands of videos and websites online from people who were being attacked just like me. It’s as if there was a script. Precision destruction. It just had to be military. There were conference calls with these people every night of the week and so I got on them. After a few false starts (this world is highly infiltrated) I met some truly great people. My own theories centered on Agenda 21 and the push for a global government.

I became a researcher at this time because I couldn’t believe what was happening to me and so I read about all of the conspiracy possibilities. The conspiracy theories that I focused in on were the documented ones and I began to investigate how targeting could tie in with global agendas. Taking down America is paramount for any global government and I was surely being taken down. Not only did the whole community think that I was either crazy or a criminal of some kind, but my close personal friends started to drop off one by one.

My life had been infiltrated by a new “best friend” who played a role in this. She continued the “crazy” narrative to most of my friends. She did really really bad things but looking back I could see that she was targeted also and trying to save her family. At home things were awful. I had one pet stolen and the others were being affected by something that was making them pull out their hair and fight. I finally gave them away to save them and never saw them again. All pets gone.

 Mr.C tried to save me by having me move in with him but it was disastrous. I didn’t realize it at the time but he might have been affected by frequencies as well. He could not understand his own behavior at one point, because most of the time he was angry and did not want me there. He was quick to argue and demanding. Not like my friend at all.  While I was on his roof deck in the middle of San Francisco, a big black helicopter sat stationary over my head for at least twenty minutes. Thirty or Forty feet above me. I was amazed. If I went out of his apartment I was followed. I was beginning to realize that I was in huge trouble. These were not irate neighbors doing this, as many think, … this was massive and well funded. This felt like our military but why were they attacking their own people? Were they using me for training exercises? Possibly because of remote influencing technologies, Mr. C and I just could not tolerate being together and I left his apartment within a week. He later sent me a text message to say that he could no longer stand the sound of my voice. All friends gone.

Isolation is a well-known component of torture. The torture at this time was continuous. I had a strong taste of salt in my mouth, my skin was drying up, my muscles were misbehaving and it was difficult to get things done, but I persisted. There were sexual attacks, muscular attacks, sneezing attacks, coughing attacks, pain and burning to my feet, breasts, vagina, face, head, hands, legs … my body was swollen and burnt. My pubic hair had been burnt off, my toenails had been disfigured, lots of wrinkles added to my face, I had put on weight, my top teeth had fallen out, I had developed brown spots all over my body, and I was now ugly. Good job boys! I had to wonder if this was done for perverse reasons or to keep me from finding a mate … Either way it was cruel, and obviously these were tailored attacks against women, … not much had changed since my mother had faced the same thing.

I tried to construct a shelter out of old card tables and shielding material but the perpetrators got right through it. I finally ripped off some sheet metal from the washing machine and that seemed to shield me from direct attacks to my organs. I slept with my grandfather’s old stew pot over my head stuffed with Mylar and cotton and I bought a 400 lb. neodymium magnet. Everything helped a bit but there was no stopping the torture.

I once heard scientists talking about me for about 15 seconds and then that feed went dead. I also heard a large “Meow” as I was trying to sleep. My cats were with me then and they jumped to the ceiling. This was projected sound.

Driving had suddenly become a disaster. After forty years of a perfect driving record I had two minor accidents and I was stopped by the Highway Patrol three times. At the same time my nice car was being destroyed. Every day there was more vandalism to it. One day the back window flew out as I was going down the freeway. Another time the brake lines had been cut. Another time all of the oil had been drained from the car. Another time a tire had been shot out prompting my tire guys to send me to the police. Some kind of chemical had been thrown at the car which disintegrated the clear coat. The side mirror had been knocked off. The trunk lock had been broken. It went on and on until the car just stopped working one day. My mechanic said that it looked like a lightning bolt had hit the distributor. I gave up and I was without a car.

 Agenda 21. Seriously, that’s my guess…. and I’m furious. Without a vehicle I lost the ability to work, to exercise, to shop, to visit friends and I became completely dependent on everyone around me. No independence. None. But it worked out well for the control freaks who were doing this because they didn’t want me living in a location where I would need a car.  Agenda 21. Research Rosa Koire and listen carefully to every word that she says. I am but a lab rat for this Agenda and I can tell you that it is pure fascism disguised as concern for the environment.

At this time I also lost computers. They were all hacked and destroyed. Four of them. Windows was useless against this so I went to Linux, very stable, and then the screen blew out and the keys started malfunctioning. I finally gave up and bought a smart phone.

This is from a current notebook that I keep. It’s an abuse log. It was written on 4/16/2020.

 “Abuse Log – Current Hostile takeover of my home 

Destruction of smart phone by destroying battery 

Rash all over body upon awakening… Black eye, or bruised eye upon awakening 

Wound on ankle upon awakening

Repeated jamming of phone signal 

Burning of inside of mouth 

Massive tinnitus in one ear 


Difficulty walking, pain in legs, difficulty maintaining balance 

Shooting pains throughout body 

Difficulty breathing at times 

Abuse Log – Past 

•             Destruction of four computers

•             Destruction of two cars

•             Destruction of multiple phones

•             Repeated tickets by highway patrol

•             Staged accidents

•             Attempts to run me off the road

•             Multi perpetrators practicing on foot surveillance – suspect C.O.P.S.

•             Police surveillance

•             Destruction of most personal property

•             In home infiltration and use of property for nonconsensual experimentation on victims of remote influencing technologies

•             Torture and theft of pets to induce trauma

•             Sabotage and destruction of businesses to increase dependency on government funding

•             Slander and lies to husband and community for discrediting purposes

•             Theft of two pieces of private property

 Remote Influencing Technologies ( Neuroscience ) Applied to Produce the Following Symptoms:

 •            Immediate and unexpected sleep

•             Immediate and unexpected anger

•             Immediate and unexpected sorrow

•             Immediate and unexpected anxiety

•             Vivid nightmares

•             Pain in all parts of the body

•             Heart attack symptoms

•             Stomach aches, nausea and indigestion, inability to digest, lack of appetite

•             Extreme tinnitus in one ear

•             Sudden and unexpected coughing

•             Difficulty breathing

•             Sudden back ache, knee ache, shoulder ache, ankle ache

•             Attacks on Achilles Tendon

•             Sudden constant sneezing

•             Destruction of thyroid functioning

•             High blood pressure

•             Visual disturbances

•             Fabricated smells

•             Fabricated sounds, including words ( military term – V2k, Voice to Skull )

•             Fabricated sights

•             Gassing – chemical experimentation

•             Sudden dizziness

•             Sudden memory loss, searching for words, confusion

•             Sudden edema in legs and feet

•             Burning of feet and toes

•             Burning of face, creation of wrinkles

•             Burning of chest, breast and vagina

•             Sudden nasal congestion

•             Knee malfunction

•             Internal bleeding

•             Sudden infections

•             Dentistry problems, tooth loss

•             Sudden weight loss or gain

•             Sudden heating up of body

•             Sudden chills

•             Strange courage in the face of danger 

•             Sudden incontinence, loss of urination or defecation control

•             Sudden severe migraines

•             Headache

•             Sinus pain

•             Sudden pain pricks in eyes and other parts of the body

•             Loss of balance

•             Sudden severe muscle cramps

•             Sudden severe heart pain

•             Arthritis

•             Skin abnormalities, rashes, bites, etc.

•             Sudden vertigo

•             Itching eyes

•             Blurry vision

•             Mind control, performing actions that you have no control over like looking at your watch at the exact same time every day. 

 Other affects surrounding the target:

 •            Changes in animal behavior, increased aggression in all species, barking and attacking dogs, migration of unwanted pests into the home, wildlife that seems confused, pets that are acting abnormally, pets in pain, pets in distress, pets developing diseases, pets dying, pets disappearing without a trace.

 •            Landscaping changes, plant death, tree death, proliferation of unwanted species ( weeds ), holes punched in soil, water rerouted through soils leading to flooding, increase of silt in soil leading to inability to sustain life, increase of molds in soil, reduction of insect life, all done remotely. 

 Damage to home, damage to roof, damage to fencing, damage to appliances, damage to woodwork, damage to electrical system, damage to fireplace, damage to plumbing, damage to water system … all done remotely.

 •            Biological Teleportation … yes, I’m serious… look it up …   

That’s quite a long list, isn’t it? And I’m sure that I’m leaving many things out. Can you see how this technology might affect big Pharma profits? Or privately owned psychological institutions? Or privately owned jails? Or economics? Or relationships? Or housing?

Those calling themselves targeted individuals are tortured 24/7 for years. All that I have claimed here is now being verified by some very important people. The tide appears to be turning just a bit. Brave people are starting to help ….

Online Press Conference on DEW/Neurotech/Stasi COINTELPRO Targeting Fri, Oct 15, 2021

Online Press Conference                                                            on DEW/Neurotech/Stasi                                    COINTELPRO Targeting                                                       Fri, Oct 15, 2021

I was honored to be a participant at the above conference. Below you will find a transcript of the speech that I gave along with references to the information that I provided. Following each individual presentation there was an open discussion which was very valuable. I will be posting the video of the entire conference as soon as it is released.

As promised here is the video of the entire conference …

My name is Rosanne Schneider and I am the author of two books “Surveillance, Torture and Control in the Modern World”1 and “Notes from an Engineered Life”2. Both of these books document my painful journey from a free and loving human being to the horror and pain of a military industrial complex non-consensual test subject.

In 2011 my life was stolen. I went from a business woman, a Home Hospice volunteer, an animal rescuer and an artist to a crime victim. My businesses were sabotaged, my animal rescue activities turned ugly, my computer was hacked, my relationships were destroyed, my home was broken into, my vehicle was vandalized, all of my electronics started to fail, my possessions were destroyed or stolen, and I was followed around town by police and on foot surveillance like a criminal. This unwanted attention included the infiltration of aggressive and uncooperative people into my home life and social circles. I do not have and have never had a criminal record.

At the time, when I thought that things could not be worse, I began experiencing what some might know as Havana Syndrome symptoms. I began to experience dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating and a constant burning sensation throughout my body. But it was about to get much worse … Symptoms gradually progressed until every bodily function was involved. I couldn’t see properly, or breathe properly, or digest properly, or walk properly and there was unexplained pain that would come and go in every part of my body. At the same time my cognitive abilities began to decline and my behavior began to change. I was no longer a free person and I was being manipulated politically. It felt as if some evil entity had control of my body and my mind, and actually that’s exactly what was happening.

This was a time of terror for me as I watched my natural abilities disintegrate and all of my assets disappear. I now spent my days in the emergency rooms of local hospitals or unconscious or in extreme despair.

I contacted the police, the FBI, and my county supervisors and in the end I was called delusional, which was a lie, and told to keep my mouth shut about all of this or risk a forced hold in a psychiatric hospital.

Eventually, as I did research using my symptoms and experiences, I came across thousands of people experiencing the same things. They called themselves “targeted individuals”. My activism began.

I began to do research about microwave weaponry because I could think of no other reason for the burning of my body and I soon realized that this technology had been around for a long time. The Moscow Signal was a reported microwave transmission varying between 2.5 and 4 gigahertz directed at the Embassy of the United States in Moscow from 1953 to 1976 resulting in an international incident.3 It is said that America allowed these attacks to continue so that they could discover the effects of such weaponry. The development of this invisible stealth technology never ended.

From the article “How Far in the Future is the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons” by Mojmir Babacek4

“In March 2012 Russia’s defense minister Anatoli Serdjukov said, at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladmir Putin “The development of weaponry based on new physics principles, directed energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, is part of the state arms procurement program for 2011 – 2020.”

The UK based newspaper, Daily Mail, wrote that research in electro-magnetic weapons had been secretly carried out in the United States and Russia since the 1950s and that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes. High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behavior or even drive victims to suicide.”

That article was written in 2013 – Let’s fast forward to an article that was published on October 8th, 2021 entitled “Behind NATO’s cognitive warfare; Battle for Your Brain waged by Western Militaries” by Ben Norton.5

“Western governments in the NATO military alliance are developing tactics of “cognitive warfare”, using the supposed threats of China and Russia to justify waging a battle for your brain in the human domain to make everyone a weapon.

The US – led NATO military cartel has tested novel modes of hybrid warfare against its self-declared adversaries, including economic warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, and psychological warfare.

Now, NATO is spinning out an entirely new kind of combat … it has branded cognitive warfare. Described as the weaponization of brain sciences, the new method involves hacking the individual by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the human brain in order to implement more sophisticated social engineering.

A 2020 NATO sponsored study of this new form of warfare clearly explained “Cognitive warfare’s objective is to make everyone a weapon”.  “The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st Century” the report stressed.

In a chilling disclosure, the report said explicitly that “the objective of Cognitive Warfare is to harm societies and not only the military”. The study described this phenomenon as “the militarization of brain science”. But it appears clear that NATO’s development of cognitive warfare will lead to a militarization of all aspects of human society and psychology, from the most intimate of social relationships to the mind itself.

The study makes it clear that those competitors purportedly exploiting the consciousness of Western dissidents are China and Russia.

The Pentagon is among the primary institutions advancing this novel research, as the report highlighted … “Although a number of nations have pursued, and are currently pursuing neuroscientific research and development for military purposes, perhaps the most proactive efforts in this regard have been conducted by the US Department of Defense, with most notable and rapidly maturing research and development by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity ( IARPA ).

The study indicated that the direct weaponisation of neuroscience and neurotechnology can and will be fatal. The research can “be utilized  to mitigate aggression and foster cognitions and emotions of affiliation of passivity; induce morbidity, disability or suffering; and neutralize potential opponents or incur mortality” … in other words, to maim and kill people.

The report nears it’s conclusion with an eerie quote; “Today’s progresses in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science boosted by the seemingly unstoppable march of Artificial Intelligence, have created a much more ominous prospect where everyone, unbeknownst to him or her, is behaving according to plans”

So now we have the suspected criminals that stole my precious life from me … How did they pull this off legally I wonder? And is any one safe? I got a clue from an ex – police chief that I know who used his security clearance to help one of the victims. He found her listed on the Terrorist Watch List as “Dangerous”. She is a housewife without a criminal record. I hear that once one is listed as a terrorist, one loses all of one’s human rights … Well that would work now, wouldn’t it?  Haven’t many of our dissidents who oppose our fascist regime been thrown on the terrorist watch list by Fushion Centers?

But why were all of my assets stolen I wonder? Oh wait a minute, hasn’t Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum stated publicly “You’ll own nothing and be happy about it?”6

Who’s really behind all of this?