Individual power and ethics: the conversation that never was

Thank you Jon. Spot on as usual.

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Individual power and ethics: the conversation that never was

by Jon Rappoport

August 7, 2017

It’s no accident that the concept of individual power is surrounded by clouds of timidity and fear and cultural resentment.

People are warned that touching it produces a substantial electric shock.

“Me? Individual power? I never said I was in favor of it. Great individual power? Don’t pin that on me. Who’s accusing me? I’ll sue them! I’m for humility in all things.”

Perhaps the most famous statement ever delivered on this subject came from Lord Acton (1887): “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

For many, this closes the book on discussion.

But in fact, it is a wobbling prelude.

What about the creative power of the individual?

Especially, what about that power when it is deployed by a person who has a personal code of ethics?

What if that code is…

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The World Wakes Up to the Horrors of Covert Mind and Nervous System Control


Just recently, there was a glimmer of hope for those innocent people who call themselves targeted individuals.

These are people who endure physical and psychological torture 24/7 for years at a time. They are the leading edge of the new Cointelpro, .. those who have been chosen for silencing, subjugation and even death. They are housewives, activists, whistleblowers, journalists, scientists, veterans, patriots, artists, single women, African Americans, homosexuals and free thinkers. They are all over the world.

If you want to see the credentials of the people being targeted go here:

When considering their claims, let’s not forget that we are in the age of Neuroscience, out-of-control unconstitutional surveillance and massive propaganda.


True to our times, these victims are now slandered, stalked, sabotaged and assaulted with state-of-the-art neuroweapons which attack the brain and nervous system, fueling suspicion that their endless agony is being used for heartless research and the possible training of a secret army with secret weapons.

Yes, there are quite possibly defense contractors around the world making big money from this. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Any volunteers?

But let’s get back to the good news. Our brave national heroes Bill Binney and Kirk Weibe have stepped up to the plate to investigate all of this with future plans to take it to the courts.

Class action lawsuit anyone?

Three cheers for those amongst us who still possess integrity and courage.



CIA mind control morphed into psychiatry?

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CIA mind control morphed into psychiatry?

By Jon Rappoport

Here is a new introduction to a piece I wrote several years ago. Then I’ll reprint the piece.

The famous CIA mind-control program, MKULTRA, always used psychiatrists; often these professionals headed up projects; they carried out the bulk of the research. But what I’m talking about here is the “evolution” of MKULTRA into mainstream psychiatry that affects the lives of millions of people every day.

I’ve demonstrated, on a number of occasions, that not one of the 300 so-called official mental disorders has a lab test to back up the diagnosis. No defining lab test. No blood test, no saliva test, no brain scan, no genetic assay. All 300 “disorders” are described and defined by committees of psychiatrists—and their non-scientific decisions are published in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association.


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Fourth of July Note to America from CIA & NSA Vets: Stand Up Against Secrecy!

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Less than an hour remains, here on the East Coast, within this Fourth of July. I can hear scattered fireworks outside the window. Earlier, as I stepped out onto our deck to pot some plants, really late into this summer for that–petunias, impatiens, verbena–the neighbors set off what sounded like shotguns. Planes suddenly began flying to the west, east, and overhead. Two fighter planes–really, that’s what they looked like, sleek and lithe–nosed noisily in tandem across puffy barium-cloud skies. A neighbor pulled out his loudest lawnmower and drove it viciously across the sidewalk in front of his house. A couple other neighbor-men paraded virtuously, bare-chested, across their pools two backyards away, and began conversations in ultra-loud voices.

These are not unusual sights and sounds these days as I step out of my house. Not much has changed since 2015 when I made this post about asymmetric stealth warfare in American…

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The Dangers of Technocracy

I didn’t know what to call it. This strange and scary “thing” that was happening on the planet. You know, the chemtrails, the pharmaceutical drugs, GMOs, the vaccines, the Targeted Individuals, the smart meters, the home appliances that spy on you, the scary neuroscience experimentation, and, of course, 5g, …. 60 minutes reporting that cell phones were hacking your brain … intelligent people talking quite seriously about “hive minds” and the benefits of artificial intelligence …

And then I saw it … the word that made sense of it all … TECHNOCRACY!!!

Technocracy:  “The government or control of society or industry by an elite group of technical experts.”

That’s it. That’s what’s going on.

So who are the people orchestrating all of this? Do we know them? Did we elect them? Did they ask us about any of this? And where did they get all of the money for all of this? From us?

And what gives them the right to engineer the world? Did they not notice the benefits of individuality? Have they not enjoyed the diversity of the world’s creations? … The amazing colors, foods and architecture of our distinct sovereign countries?

At this advanced stage I think we all know the answers to these questions. And here’s someone else who knows the answers to these questions …



The vision of technocracy

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The vision of technocracy

by Jon Rappoport

May 24, 2017

“Well, boys, we’ve got this strange thing called THE INDIVIDUAL. Could somebody tell me what he is? He’s not conforming to our algorithms. He’s all over the place. And while we’re at it, what the hell is this IMAGINATION? It keeps slipping out of our grasp, it doesn’t fit the plan…”


—Technocrats say they want to wipe out poverty, war, and inequality. But in order to achieve these lofty goals (or pretend to), they need to re-program humans—

Technocracy is the basic agenda and plan for ruling global society from above, so we need to understand it from several angles.

Consider a group of enthusiastic forward-looking engineers in the early 20th century. They work for a company that has a contract to manufacture a locomotive.

This is a highly complex piece of equipment.

On one level, workers are…

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Targeted Individual Weekly News


  It has been a good week for spreading the  word about targeted individuals. Two very credible online publications have joined the fight to expose the cruel treatment experienced by the global targeted individual community.

The first publication is Newsbud, an online news service started by whistleblower super star, Sibel Edmunds. She has been joined in her quest for truth by such freedom fighters as Constitutional lawyer and founder of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead, and popular researcher and journalist, James Corbett of the Corbett Report. This is a great development and very promising for the reporting of truth in a fake world.

Last week, true to their mission, Newsbud published this report about the targeting of individuals in Poland with directed energy weapons. Thank you Newsbud! Please give them your support…

Another great online publication dedicated to the exposing and stopping of bullying also offered some help by publishing this article about gangstalking…

They also offer consultations with a lawyer if you need that! … Thank you Overcome Bullying! … Please help them if you can …

And then ex-government scientist Robert Duncan, published a CIA document from 1991 which outlines the parameters for mind control experimentation. This is a scientific publication and difficult to understand but he took the time to explain it on his Facebook page, where you will find a link to the document as well. Scroll down until you find it. At this time there are four sections.

 Thank you Robert!

This is what it will take to stop this injustice and torture, people working together to publish the truth. No one has the right to steal another person’s health, sanity, peace, financial stability, reputation, relationships, free will or life. Please share these resources to foster awareness.