World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab states openly that we will “Have Nothing and Be Happy” … their motives are in clear view …

Would he also like us to “be nothing”?  I base my question on the following evidence of an extreme trend towards human roboticism, an agenda that I am acutely and intimately aware of, as are thousands, if not millions of global citizens who are being used for testing of these systems … wake the hell up Houston, we definitely have a problem …

Let me be clear about this … what is being studied is nothing less than the complete and utter takeover of the human being by connecting the brain to electronics … are you ok with that? Don’t believe me? Think that this is just a “conspiracy theory” ?  Take a look at this website …

Science fiction? … Do some research about the conference ….

Did you know that others are planning your evolution? Isn’t that in the realm of nature and God?

Look carefully … “Project Avatar; Android robotics, Anthropomorphic telepresence, Neuroscience, Mind theory, Neuroengineering, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuroprosthetics, Neurotransplantation, Long-range forecasting, Future evolution strategy, Evolutionary transhumanism, Ethics, Bionic prosthesis, Cybernetic life-extension, Mid-century Singularity, Neo-humanity, Meta-Intelligence, Cybernetic Immortality, Consciousness, Spiritual development, Science and Spirituality.

Are you getting all of this? Are you alarmed? “Neuroengineering, Future evolution strategy, Neo-Humanity, Cybernetic Immortality, Science and Spirituality”? … The last time that I looked science didn’t have anything to do with spirituality … Not a thing!!! … Unless, of course, you can manipulate the brain to achieve desired states of spirituality or non spirituality … now, that would be something … wouldn’t it? Talk to the CIA about this and read my previous works.

Manipulating the brain is nothing new. I’ve written books about it. But never before have the richest and most powerful people on earth stated publicly that this is the way of humanity in the future … Are they joking? … Watch this …

So this is all off in the future, right? … there are so many pressing problems right now that need immediate attention … talk to these people and then review the funding for Obama’s Brain Initiative … perhaps all of the pressing problems right now are fitting in just perfectly as a distraction for the implementation of this plan …

A video made by the global victims of remote influencing technologies. A must watch.

By the way, I am not a conspiracy theorist but a conspiracy realist meaning that I do not write about things that I can not prove. Because of this, I have been financially attacked for the last ten years. I will be adding a donation option on the about page just as soon as I can figure it out. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your support.


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