Capabilities of “Non Lethal Weaponry”, … a partial list according to the Navy, …. now being tested on innocent civilians …

Biodeterioration (micro-organisms which attack specific materials)

Caltrops (metal jacks used to puncture tires on motor vehicles)

Combustion Modifiers and Fuel
Viscosifiers (chemical additives which change fuel characteristics)

Combustible Dispersants (substances which burst into flame or explode when contact with the treated surface is made by motor vehicles or personnel)

Computer Viruses (to cause the malfunction of automatic data processing systems)

Concentrated Electromagnetic Pulse (a non-nuclear generated pulse disrupting electronic equipment including motor vehicles with electronic ignitions

Electronic and Optical Jamming (electronic warfare devices)

Filter Clogging Materials (airborne materials designed to clog the air filters of combustion engines)

High Power Microwave Fields (pulsed microwave beams to destroy electronics)

Lasers Systems (targeting and guidance systems that detect, determine range, track, and guide, as well as, systems that blind or destroy enemy optical sensors)

Liquid Metal Embrittlement (to cause treated metal to crumble and

Motor Vehicle Electrical Arrestors (an electrical charge is directed at a motor vehicle as it passes which causes it to stop)

Motor Vehicle Obscurants (opaque covering to block windows and sensor lens)

Motor Vehicle Taggers (a projectile delivered transmitter tag with polymer adhesive to allow a vehicle to be tracked)

Soil Destabilizers (changes soil properties reducing traction for motor vehicles)

Super Adhesives (used to prevent movement by motor vehicles and personnel)

Supercaustics or Super Corrosives (dissolve most metals, plastics, rubber, polymers, and glass)

Superlubricants (chemicals which make surfaces extremely slippery)

Weather Modification

Computer Moles/Worms

Electronic Smart Dust (microelectromechanical airborne particles that relay reconnaissance information)

Ground Penetrating Radar (system designed to detect subsurface man-made structures)

Robotic Land Probes (systems capable of gathering and relaying
information of surface activity)

Seeing Through Walls (radar and acoustic systems that provide images of what is located behind walls)

Nonimaging Portable Radar (portable acoustic system designed to detect motion behind nonmetallic walls)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (used to gather information of surface activity from the air through cameras, infrared sensors,
radars, microprocessors and transmitters

Acoustic Pulses (high-frequency sound pulses designed to cause blunt-object trauma)

Claymore Mine With Blunt Object Projectiles (kinetic system designed for crowd control and security that propels blunt impact objects such as sting balls)

Counter Sniper Systems (electronic systems which allow pinpointing of a sniper and return fire within 2 seconds)

Curdler Unit (a system designed to produce a very loud shrill noise which is used to irritate and disperse rioters)

Dazzling Lasers (lasers designed to cause temporary blindness from 12-24 hours)

Deference Tones (systems used to project a voice or sound to another location)

Disinformation Campaigns (techniques designed to influence or persuade groups against their interest)

Electrical Water Stream (systems using charged water stream to
immobilize or stop an adversary)

Entangling Nets (sticky nets and high voltage nets fired from a 40 MM grenade launcher to stop or subdue a fleeing or disorderly individual)

Foaming Agents (designed to impair mobility and vision)

Holographic Projections (used for misinformation campaigns)

Incapacitating or Calmative Agents (biomedical agents that may be
absorbed through the skin or delivered by airborne means designed to incapacitate)

Infrasound (low-frequency sound designed to cause disorientation and physical discomfort)

Laser Protection (system designed to protect against lasers by blocking the wavelength, reflecting through optical coatings or absorbed using dyes )

Markers (systems designed to identify personnel through some
form of marking)

Mind Control (subliminal visual and audio messages)

Obscurants (systems designed to disorient and to obscure observation)

Odoriferous Agents (non-toxic systems designed to create extremely unpleasant odors)

Optical Munitions (flash systems designed to temporarily blind or

Photic Driver (a system designed for crowd control which uses ultrasound and flashing infrared lights to penetrate closed eyelids)

Stun Guns (systems that use electric shock to stun and immobilize)

Voice Synthesis/Morphing (system designed to produce the voice and image of an adversary used to deceive or gain access)

Vomiting Agents (agents designed to cause nausea and vomiting by personnel)

Ultrasound (an acoustic system using high frequency sound whose
wavelength is outside the audible band

Click to access nonlet2.pdf


Now imagine that our governments ( and military ) are taken over by nefarious elements … perhaps a financial group who desire to rule the world? … to do this they must suppress freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the freedom of the press, and the freedoms that all world citizens rely on to hold governments accountable for acts of treason, brutality, injustice, tyranny, war, genocide, sabotage, and oppression … would they use these weapons against their own people? … what do you think?





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