Today an article came out in the New York Times about “Gang Stalking”. Gang Stalking is the misleading name given to on-foot and vehicular surveillance. It is a protocol which closely resembles the protocol of harassment performed by the Stasi in East Germany. It is well documented in the past with the exposure of proven Cointelpro tactics and in the present with thousands around the world reporting it’s existence.

In spite of this, The New York Times decided to publish an article claiming that it does not exist. They also stated that anyone complaining of this abuse was most likely delusional. This reminds me of a subject that is well documented, … that is, the political use of psychiatry to stifle dissent …


I was interviewed for this New York Times article and I provided lots of information that was intended to educate the reporter about some very real scientific testing which is now proving that these victims are being affected by invasive technologies. I asked him to look into the possibility that this was actually a component of non consensual experimentation. I also provided testimonies from a psychologist who is publicly questioning the diagnosis of mental illness in these cases, as well as a government whistle blower who actually worked on the technology used in this program . This information was ignored.


This is my actual email communication with this reporter:

Hi Rosanne,

I’m looking into the phenomenon of gang stalking, and I was interested in chatting with you about your book.

If you have a few minutes to talk by phone I’m at ———, but would be happy to communicate by email too.
Mike McPhate 
Reporter, New York Times

One more link …

I mentioned that the government whistle blower Robert Duncan thought that the perpetrators of these crimes were hiding in the deep crevices of government … this is the video where he says that … really worth watching …

Be well,



thanks Roseanne. will take a look.

Mike McPhate


Very interesting developments overnight … The scientist in the video that I sent, Robert Duncan, published this on facebook … it seems that libertarian candidate, John McAfee, met with one of our targeted individual activists and has acknowledged all of this and might even be funding counter-measures … I’m not meaning to overwhelm you but I thought that this was important news …

“My main computer has been in the shop for repair for the last few days. Tyrone Dew is doing his usual bold good works for human progress. He set up a potential Angel Investor for building a “firewall” into the human mind. You may have heard of him. “John McAfee” the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party and self made multi-millionaire. McAfee believes in the energies that can affect the human nervous system.” -Robert Duncan


Hi Mike,

I don’t know how far along you are with your research but you might want to talk to this woman …

Be well,


thanks rosanne


Why was none of this information considered when writing this article? Shouldn’t the goal of investigative journalism be to present all sides of any controversy? Was this an attempt to further discredit a group of victims who are trying to expose brutal non consensual experimentation? What’s going on here?


After I gave this interview to Mike I stated publicly that I would pursue a slander lawsuit if I was discredited in any way. I have the support of a local psychologist who has stated in writing that I am not delusional in any way. He looked at my proof of harassment in my community and stated that I was a crime victim. Is this now necessary to report abuse and injustice in our country?


This is the New York Times article which targets Dr. John Hall and NSA whistle blower Karen Stewart, two of the most credible witnesses to these atrocities. I have to wonder how they will stop brave David Voigts, a Naval Academy graduate who discovered the protocol of non consensual experimentation while working for the government. He is now walking across the country to publicize this crime. Look him up … he’s a rare American hero.



13 thoughts on “The Questionable Reporting of the New York Times

  1. Not a word about my working for NSA, being fired at the 28 yr point in my career for asking the NSA IG to investigate why my series of intel reports supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom (that saved about 2,000 lives) was purposely miscredited by my boss to the promotion board as the work of his barely literate office slut, with the slut getting a double-promotion for my work and me getting fired after NSA Security goons (some too stupid to remove their badges in my presence) slandered/stalked/harassed me/poisoned a family dog, to hide the utter betrayal, of NSA management, the IG, the Counsel General, and NSA Security Group – called Q Group (I assume for “quasi”).
    No mention of the fact that I was threatened with being fired for “imagining” my work was stolen while my witnesses begged to be interviewed but were ignored, and that I was being bullied, by quasi-psychologist Dr. Dina Wiezcynski into dropping the complaint or she would LIE and say that CONTRARY TO OVER 20 years of routine, periodic written psychological testing at NSA evaluated by independant sources, that showed NO SIGN of such a problem, AND a previous evaluation the year before by the (now ret) head of NSA Security Psych Services, that I was “one of the strongest people emotionally and mentally that (he) had ever met”, that she would give me a bad evaluation to cost me my clearance and job.
    No mention of the fact that NSA paid police and civilians in Maryland and then in Florida to stalk and harass me two different times, (the first effort fell apart when the civilians with NSA neighbors told them NSA was lying to them about me to cover a sex scandal), and now has enlisted the help of psycho neighbors to turn DEWs on me 24/7 to kill me because I sued them, know that NSA Executive Eric Hagemann illegally broke into my home after my IG complaint, AND that he, and fellow executive computer & electrical engineer types, Jack Shabe (ret to Miami), and Drew French (Greenevill, SC), travelled extensively throughout the USA if not the world, to set up and network organized stalking groups. And that after I told Bill Black Jr., 16th Dep DIRNSA that I knew two NSA analysts who told me first hand that they had prepared intel reports that could have stopped 9/11 six months before it happened, but were ordered to stand down, I was immediately put on the Electronic Harassment list as well (late Nov 2015) making it cery clear that Bill Black Jr., and hence NSA management, is an intricate part of the illegal torture program we are dealing with. Of course, the EH started after the Naval Security Group moved its HQ to Ft. Meade to be co-located with NSA sole time after I was fired in 2010. The Nav Sec Group is nicknamed “Silent Warriors” because they handle DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS. Bill Black and others in government would appear to have personal investments in the development, TESTING, and proliferation of these devices. Odd that ret. DIRNSA, General Hayden, who knew I had written the stolen report series because I HAD PERSONALLY BRIEFED HIM , refused to help me in any way too. Wonder how much he has invested in DEW research?

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  2. Mr. McPhate, I am going to write an answer to your laughable, illogical, out and out nonsensical article you wrote on “gangstalking” in America with a different approach. First of all, what do you do with a hammer? What is the purpose of a hammer? To hammer nails? How many people in our Country have been killed by a hammer-wielding manic in our Country’s history? (I’ll let you look that up.) So, we know the hammer has a dual use purpose and can be abused by phychopaths. Second, what is a baseball bat used for? Hitting a baseball? How many people in our Country have been killed or assaulted by a baseball-wielding psychotic idiot? (You can look that one up too.)
    Who created COINTELPRO? Which FBI Director back in, what? 1956? J. Edgar Hoover, right? One of the tactics was anonymous phone calls. Did you ever make an anonymous phone call or ever receive one? I guess that was one of his tactics that didn’t end. Let’s look at some others, shall we? “A series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by . . . aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting . . . “ One of the tactics was planting false media stories. That sounds an awful lot like what you did, since you didn’t use any of the FACTS that were given to you, used none of the very credible sources you were given, and seemed to “discredit” a large portion of the population, spread all over the U.S., with the exact same stories . . . hmmm, sounds like you used something a bit like COINTELPRO disinformation propaganda.
    Remember those radiation experiments and the Church Committee that exposed the MK-ULTRA experiments being conducted on non-consensual persons in the United States? Remember how former President Clinton apologized for those experiments?
    Do you know how many billions of dollars corporations, universities, researchers, etc., were making from conducting those experiments? Well, just put someone on TV saying they’re sorry, and everyone will believe that all of those entities are going to stop what they’re doing and walk away from billions more.
    That, my friend, is where your “illogical” behavior comes in. It simply would never happen.
    Now let’s look at National Security Letters. Those are to be taken out on people suspected of having ties with FOREIGN entities relating somehow to terrorism.
    Then why, my seemingly illogical, unlevel-headed man, would FBI, NSA and law enforcement be using them on ex-wives and ex-girlfriends so they can watch and listen to them in their homes? Hmmm, again. So there is abuse in systems. So there is corruption – even at the very top. Just look in dirty cracks and crevices for those nasty boys (and sometimes girls) who just can’t help themselves and cross the line.
    Now, if you had a military weapon at your disposal – let’s say like the NYPD has x-ray vans, infrared systems, the S.T.O.R.M. radar (that can read a page in a closed text book from 1500 feet away), and a laser weapon, and let’s say you’re one of those idiot psychopaths I named above, what would you do with those “devices”?
    Well, there are articles stating law enforcement is watching and videotaping women taking showers, and, if you’re really a nasty psychopath, you’ll take that S.T.O.R.M. device and pinpoint a laser and burn a persons’ body – just for fun – or revenge – or retaliation – OR RESEARCH.
    The DoD Directive 5240.1-R, Procedure 13, states every U.S. citizen may be used for experimentation to the point of destroying their lives beyond what is normally experienced.
    Tell me, Mr. McPhate, what tactics, weapons, and who – do you think would do such a thing? And what kind of person do you think would try to cover it up by writing “false media stories”?
    I believe anyone who attacks in any way an innocent U.S. citizen by creating constant, 24/7 terror, is a terrorist.
    DON’T YOU?

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    1. I think your message is too complex. People do not believe these star war type weapons exist. If you want to educate the public, start simple. Neighbors do not like Johnny’s music, Neighbors complain to Johnny, Johnny gets mad…Takes the back of a microwave oven and faces it towards the neighbor’s children’s bedroom window in X amount of days children get sick, maybe die? Our country is selling weapons to the public based upon microwave technology. Stop the sale of these weapons in your state. You are never going to get people to believe in gangstallking unless it happens to them, lets focus on something EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS ‘the microwave.


  3. This is a comment from Katherine Bell-Moore, ex-City Council member from Wilmington, NC. She is also a former Mayor Pro Tem and the winner of multiple business and humanitarian awards too numerous to mention. This is re-posted with her permission …

    “You son-of-a bitch. How dare you write an article minimizing and belittling the plight of “Targeted Individuals.” I guess we are so paranoid and stupid that you could only find a “down and out” person to represent the targeted people while you quote any number of “psychologists.” I am surprised at your apparent naïveté.

    Did you attempt to reach Matthew Barasch, an attorney, who is suing Dr. Phil for five million dollars because he belittled him on the show and implied that he was a “kook?”
    Have you spoken with former Congressman Cynthia McKinney, Ray Charles, Jr., author, Gloria Naylor or my brilliant son, Attorney Ira Braswell, IV, who is in Superior Court today defending a client? Or did you speak with my daughter, Katherine, also an attorney who spent a year at Harvard in pre-med before she decided to study law?

    And of course, you never attempted to contact me, a former Mayor Pro Tem in Wilmington, NC who was falsely arrested for DWI AFTER I blew .00 TWICE on a Breathalyzer. Your illustrious paper employed one Chuck Riez who wrote so many negative articles about me that people would ask,” What does he have against you.?”
    I couldn’t answer because I only met him once.

    My sin was blowing the whistle on a pedophile police chief who was featured in a book, The Franklin Cover-Up, written by former Nebraska State Senator, John W. Decamp. The Mayor, Don Betz, and Councilman, Dick Snyder brought him to Wilmington knowing his history. What does that tell you about them? Chief Wadman resigned, but he is now a professor in Idaho.

    Now for my plight as a TI: I had a four bedroom house on a golf course and a twenty-seven year old successful business, honored nationally, when I tackled problems in the city. I now sleep on a futon in my son’s den. Bank records were manipulated, my credit was destroyed, and contracts were altered. However, I, too, am writing a book about the plight of TI’s, but my book will only carry stories of credible persons whose lives have been destroyed. Unfortunately, many TI’s have been driven to paranoia and delusions by people like you. The program to destroy whistleblowers and political activist is financed by the STILL operating COINTELPRO. These people are well trained in the art of surveillance, harassment, character assassination and financial destruction. Their most poignant skill is the ability to convince members of the public, physicians, journalists, and psychiatrists that we are paranoid. They must do that in order to continue their human destruction without any consequences. Much of my plight you will read on a brochure that I am attaching.

    Oh, yes, I lost my family and most of my friends. Character assassination is one of the most powerful weapons that agents employ against “Targeted Individuals.” However, you failed to mention that in your article. Thank God for my two children who, unfortunately, have traveled this road with me. The most devastating event of our lives was suffered by my son when he entered Duke University Hospital for a cornea transplant, and as he lay on the gurney outside of the operating room, a Doctor Schultz, injected a needle that punctured his retina. He asked Duke to repair the eye, a black physician assured him that Duke would repair the eye, and a white female accountant overruled the physician and Duke refused to treat their mistake. My son is now blind in one eye. Both doctors involved where separated from Duke, but the Hospital will still not accept any responsibility.

    By the way, I was also a professor of Mass Media and English. I was so proud and protective of journalism. Not any more. As I write on my Face book, today’s media is muzzled or benign. No one is seeking the Pulitzer Prize for investigating that big story if the government doesn’t approve. That scares the hell out of me! Katherine Bell-Moore”

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  4. It is not just about it, gang stalking is just part of Zersetzung U.S.A.

    Notorious narco king Chapo Guzmán “social status” has been upgraded as of late to TI by the advise of USG …
    EFE, 16 Feb 2016

    ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán le explicó que es despertado “con estridencia” cada dos horas, una situación “insoportable” por la que se siente “torturado”. (Chapo’ Guzmán described being “stridently” awakened every two hours as “unbearable torture”)
    USG has been doing that to me for years. Only in their minds you and me relate to Chapo Guzmán, al-Quaeda and such things so we deserve such treatments

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  5. Yes, my comments were a bit confusing, but they do state that for Mr. McPhate to claim that the stories of people being retaliated against and then put in an experimental program, sometimes simply for a finder’s fee, is hardly unbelievable in this day and age. There is no discussion on whether people retaliate against one another. This program is designed to make it unbelievable, and journalists like Mr. McPhate perpetuate it. The un-American actions of the people willing to participate in these disgusting criminal acts against a fellow American would make any logical person think that THEY are the delusional people in these scenarios. Not the people being constantly attacked.
    Mr. McPhate, from a FOIA document, these people are forming public/private partnerships, which include corporations, local businesses, unions, universities, hospital systems, law enforcement, real estate and more throughout communities across the Country. They work with the FBI and Infragard to “watch” someone labeled a threat in a community. That threat, most of the time, is an innocent person who someone wants to retaliate against for revenge. Then the government funding begins coming in. Millions of dollars into communities who really don’t have a viable threat. Just a personal vendetta. But the money is nice for these people joining these “clubs”. The corporations and the universities, et al, then carry out the research and get more money that way.
    Who does the person go to for help? Someone in these public/private partnerships who are coming together against the “threat”? That leaves virtually no where for the person to go to for help. They are blacklisted in their community. Their life ruined.
    That is why we are not believed. This coalition of people in every community, including newspapers, turns their backs, and they get a piece of that grant money. The researchers are happy that they have guinea pigs.

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  6. There really are no words for reporters and newspapers who pursue and publish lies when there is overwhelming evidence and information available today on the truth behind these deadly programs of targeting, massive Joint-Agency assault, defamation/slander, neuro-experimentation, COINTELPRO, and directed-energy weapon-assault.

    These are writers and media who are essentially condoning, assisting, and helping hide the programs of torture, depravity, and abuse being run by Intel agencies and DoD agencies/ contractors operating deadly and barbaric weapons in a pathologically insane program of 24/7 assault and preying on the innocent, while using “investigations”, “National Security”, “classified matter”, and “(FISA) court-ordered electronic surveillance” as cover.

    This is domestic terrorism, domestic extremism, violent extremism, and worse–these labels often bandied about quite meaninglessly by the very Intel agencies who are running and/or helping run these programs.

    These experiments and programs are insane and must be stopped.

    But clearly, the New York Times won’t be at the forefront of exposing and ending these dirty programs of predation and abuse of the citizenry.

    For some more information on the vast body of information available today on this subject, in addition to the excellent articles on this blog, please drop in at the United States of PsyOps:

    Thank you, Rosanne, for this post and all this information; it is clear the reporter made no attempt to use the valuable research, information, and evidence you directed him to. Your information, along with Dr. Robert Duncan’s and Karen Stewart’s, regarding the information you gave him, (all posted above in comments and on Facebook, and at Everyday Concerned) and the distance from that and the article he ultimately wrote and published really shows us The New York Times is dead, as an outlet for news or the truth.

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  7. As a former major market newspaper and TV reporter who has been a longtime victim of the community-based state-sponsored American Gestapo — and one of the first credential journalists to expose a nationwide electromagnetic neuroweapon grid being used to attack, impair, force-sleep and slow-kill American citizens — I know from the inside how today’s mainstream journalists are literally brainwashed into telling the story the way the Security State wants it told. Please check out my years of reporting on this subject at; at; and @scrivener50 on Twitter. By the way, I hardly ever receive email from “real people” — only from military contractor psyop agents paid with our taxpayer dollars as part of the covert American “social cleansing” of supposed “dissidents” and “undesirables” that’s sometimes referred to as the “war on terror.”


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