The United States has a long history of non consensual experimentation … no one can dispute this ….

Well, it appears that they’re at it again as thousands around the world complain of painful electronic assaults which are affecting their bodies and minds …. Of course, the attempts to discredit these reports are well funded, … I guess that defense contractors don’t want to give up their huge multi-million dollar contracts, …. the pain and horror inflicted upon the victims doesn’t seem to matter … it’s a matter of National Security they’ll say … collateral damage they’ll say …. yeah right, but never any mention of one dime for the victims who are often tortured for years at a time with these war toys … it’s as if they’re not even human beings, just lab rats, nothing more … another chapter from “The Death of Compassion” movement which we seem to be going through as money becomes King …

Millions are being made by weapons manufacturers and the victims of these assaults are bankrupted, ignored, destroyed and discredited …  there’s absolutely no excuse for this, but then everyone connected with National Defense is brainwashed into an attitude of the ends justifying the means, and hey, it aint their families being destroyed … but you know, once this technology becomes widespread, it very well could be …

But this time around the victims are actually figuring out how to prove this abuse … sorry guys … and they’re a bit upset by all of this disruption in their lives and they’re coming after you …. and with all the talk of hunting down the torturers of Guantanamo Bay, it might be time to apologize, pay up, and think about discontinuing your torture … after all, one serious whistle blower and you’re done … just one ….

The following has now been confirmed by direct evidence presented to our courts:

  1. Innocent citizens are being used against their will in painful experimentation.
  2. Innocent citizens are being drugged and implanted with modern technology without their knowledge or consent.
  3. Remote influencing technologies are causing pain and chaos to innocent lives.

The Victims and their Proof:

  1. James Walbert :

This case was actually covered by Wired Magazine … at the bottom of the article you can see related coverage …


Wichita, KS April 20, 2009
A Wichita inventor who claims he is being attacked
by directed high energy microwave weapons, victimized by covert organized stalking and targeted by highly advanced forms of electronic harassment was granted an order of protection against one of his assailants, according to a Sedgwick County District Court ruling. After reviewing a petition filed by victim James Walbert, Judge Terry Pullman determined the case should be weighed on its merits and a hearing was scheduled before Judge James Beasley. In the end, Walbert prevailed.
Walbert’s evidence included declassified government documents, photos and scientific data attesting to the authenticity of land-based and satellite-based directed microwave weaponry. His proof also included a radiation forensics report concluding Walbert is being targeted with obscure microwave frequencies. And, to show he is not the only victim of these crimes, Walbert provided a letter from Missouri State Representative James O. Guest corroborating that his office has recently investigated an estimated 300 complaints of electronic harassment and organized stalking.
According to the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance non-profit victim advocacy organization, the number of targeted individuals worldwide is exponentially more. One of them, Walbert of Wichita, decided to fight back in court after enduring repeated incidents of organized stalking and electronic harassment that began in 2004. That’s when Walbert dissolved his potential business relationship with defendant.

Jeremiah Redford, 27, also of Wichita. The two men discussed Redford’s marketing of Walbert’s invention of an antimicrobial sanitary seal for 12 ounce aluminum beverage cans. Redford failed to appear at the December 30, 2008 court hearing to defend himself.
“When the business deal went sour I was threatened that I would be shot with jolts of radiation,” said Walbert. “A few days later I was attacked in my home with a continuous stream of electrical current running through my body, which causes headaches and artificial auditory effects, including electronically generated tones, popping, buzzing and ringing sounds in the ears.
These are some of the same complaints made by employees of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia in 1976. They were being attacked by Soviet KGB microwave weapons, according to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
These weapons are now manufactured by several defense contractors, such as Raytheon Corporation. They range in size from handheld ray guns to tripod mounted units, to six-foot diameter mobile mounted dishes and satellite delivered impulses. The radiation beams can effectively target and temporarily paralyze a single person or a brigade of soldiers.
While these weapons are designed to quell civil unrest or disperse enemy troops, there is increasing evidence that they have fallen into the wrong hands and are being used against innocent Americans possibly by rogue elements of the government, paramilitary units, organized crime syndicates and ultra-extremist hate groups.
“James Walbert has a good case,” said Republican Representative Guest, the former aerospace engineer turned politician in 2000. He now chairs the Missouri House of Representatives Real ID and Personal Privacy Committee. Guest is currently working on proposed legislation that addresses electronic harassment. He said, “It’s easier to discredit victims because none of us wants to believe that this is happening in America.” Guest continued, “The weapons are undetectable but the evidence, especially the US patents I’ve seen and the victims I have spoken with tells me this is for real.” Even one of Guest’s staff members reported that after she began investigating complaints she was attacked with microwave weapons.

When Walbert first sought a temporary restraining order in November 2008, he told Judge Pullman his extraordinary story of sophisticated electronic harassment that includes microwave weapons, cybercrimes, telephone tampering, cell phone signal interceptions and jamming. Walbert also recited incidents of orchestrated stalking by strangers driving by his house, honking horns by day, shining lights in his windows by night, tailing him, spying on him, destroying his property and repeatedly breaking into his house.
Judge Pullman said, “I allowed the hearing to be set so that the plaintiff could have his day in court and have the opportunity to prove his claims and thus obtain a final order with protection for one year.” Ultimately, the court ruled in Walbert’s favor.”

James Walbert’s testimony to Lawless America:

2. Richard Cain:

“According to court documents, Richard Cain and his two children allegedly were implanted at St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in 2008 in a non-consensual human medical research program.  For over five years, Cain’s family has experienced hell, including involuntary movements…”

“In July 6, 2013, Integrated Health Systems private investigator Melinda Kidder filed a report after researching the foreign bodies that had been secretly implanted in Cain and his children.  Her report,  “Industrial Toxicological Comparative Report On Emissions Of Frequency Signals From The Human Body And Their Origins, was based on an image of the brain of one of Cain’s son,  an image of an electrode placement on the abductor halluces muscle, and an image of vibratory principles on Polarity”

Chris Cain Chest Xray 2012 now age 7

This is a copy of his lawsuit against the US government …

Click to access CAIN%20V.%20DEPARTMENT%20OF%20DEFENSE%20ET%20AL.pdf

3. Dwight Magnum:

Another non consensual experimentation victim has taken his case to the courts in South Carolina. He has stated publicly that prior to the medical issues that he experienced, he was drugged and woke up with scars on is body.

He’s been posting the following images on Face Book. I asked him about the source of these reports and this was his response.

“Dr. Daniel Farrier of Long Beach, CA. He was an engineer testing the frequencies and radiation of piece parts for the government and NASA. He worked at that for 10 years before becoming a doctor. I have a picture of his license.”

Sorry if these images are not in any order … btw, the victim is an electrical engineer working for BMW … he suspects that he was put into this program after a domestic dispute …





MRIs showing brain implants …



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